Can get it to boot after Windows 11 instalation? - aspire a515-52g

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Hey, so i have purchased an ssd for my acer aspire a515-52g and installed windows 11 on it, everything was going fine all drivers i installed programes and i went to restart my pc so the drivers can do their magic. And then after the acer logo its showing me "No bootable devices". I think i messed up my partitions but i cant get windows to boot even with my flash drive. I have tried to disable Secure boot but the same error. I havent tried one thing and its to switch from UEFI to Legacy boot but i dont have that option in my bios i dont know why i have UEFI only as option. The bios is able to read both of my hdd and ssd, but still when i go to the boot orded in bios no driver appear. Can someone help?

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  • JackEJackE ACE Posts: 41,692 Trailblazer
    >>> I think i messed up my partitions >>>

    Messing up partitions is pretty hard to do unless you really try. So what did you try to make you think that you messed them up?
    Jack E/NJ
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    So how did you handle the process of moving to the SSD from your old drive? Did you clone it, then boot and upgrade using the new SSD or did you try a fresh install on the new drive? Was the old drive a HDD or SSD? If a SSD was it a 2.5" or an M.2?
    The scenario I visualize that would give you those symptoms is a fresh install on the new drive with the new drive connected to the computer externally, followed by a drive swap from the old drive to the new one. In that process the EFI partition would stay with the old drive, so you wouldn't be able to boot without the old drive installed. You really want to have the EFI and Recovery partitions on the SSD...
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  • EaswarEaswar Member Posts: 6,728 Guru
    Hi @IvanKaraslavov,

    ​​​​ ​In the BIOS information page is the unit HDD is showing. ​
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