drag and copy doesn't work any more in Acer windows 10 S

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Dear all
My laptop is about 6 months old acer windows 10 S, so far, so good BUT a week ago I got an update for windows 10; that day Microsoft team had a problem with java and the mouse was "funny", different. I left the computer to update, I erased and installed Microsoft Team again but the mouse kept strange. I reset the touchpad and I got most of its capacities but I lost the application drag and copy in paragraphs. How can I fix this? Thanks


  • sri369
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    Try reinstalling drivers.
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  • MariJune
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    For mouse I mean touchpad, I do not use a mouse, only when the touchpad has problems and since I see it, I think I will be obliged to use the mouse.... the mouse works fine. The answer given here it is not clear.. reinstall the drivers (??) why? how? it is the touchpad functions that have a problem, otherwise the laptop works fine. 
  • billsey
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    I believe the touchpad drivers are in the Human Interface Devices section in Device Manager.
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