after windows update i cant find my ethernet cant install drivers Nitro 5 AN515-55

tankurass2daytankurass2day Member Posts: 3 New User
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after latest windows update i was nott able to get back online with cable couldent find ethernett had to go to wireless and i tryed everything deleted it all did delete update resetted computer kept the files dident work did total fresh instalation of everything dident work still cant use cable or find ethernet i took out ram 10 min to take out deep sleep that messege was triggerd then tryed to install drivers from acer suport download of drivers still dident work now 48h and worked my off with this and tryed everywhere to find solution to this why do one update from windows destroy it so much for us who is responsible for this can i gett someone who can remote controle my computer and help me fix this im no pro on computer i just trye to follow all steps i been toled then im toled but i have hard time to understand all then its much to read so i would aprisiate live help with remote

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  • Acer-Erick_RetiredAcer-Erick_Retired Member Posts: 503 Seasoned Practitioner
    Hi @tankurass2day
    Could you please tell me modern name of device 
  • zScopionzScopion Member Posts: 7


    Same problem here. Model: Acer Nitro 5 AN515-55
  • zScopionzScopion Member Posts: 7


    I gave more details about this problem in the following thread:

  • tankurass2daytankurass2day Member Posts: 3 New User
    i did clean install as i toled in that post i did first nott clean then clean then i even reboted from flashdrive i did this 5 times still it dident find ethernet card in computer but on atempt 6 i couldent even find drivers on harddrive so i had to repair and that got ethernet back so weard why nott just have repari buttom up from start one klick and we r ready to go no make it super hard to make people send in the computers to repair lol 

  • tankurass2daytankurass2day Member Posts: 3 New User
    and for your info we cant download the drivers if it cant find ehternet card its gone hiding somewhere computer dont see it thats where the problem is a driver we can install if we can se the ethernet card but we cant se it so that step you show us dont work then it dont exist card in computer then computer checking its ether bug in acer computer that the card hide or that microsoft use magic and make updates and hide it from you so we cant se it ether way its anoying for us then its disapear and cant be found and all steps is for us to follow if computer can se the card wich it cant so its good if you can show us how to find the card then its hiding like this its nott the first time this happening 
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    I have the same problem with my Acer Nitro 5 AN515-44. This happened when I upgraded to Windows 11 22H2. What I did for now is let all the apps and drivers load after booting up. Connect the wireless to my network then I have a batch file of shutting down the Windows 11 (shutdown /s /t 0). After I shut it down, when I open my device manager I can see and use the E2600 Killer Ethernet. But there are times that the Ethernet cannot be detected. Is Acer looking for this problem and do some updates.

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