predator helios 300 HD- User facing camera repeatedly turns off and on - any fixes?

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I have one of the predator  helios 300 laptops.
I've been having issues with my webcam which I need for zoom meetings, but the camera won't function correctly.
The webcam constantly "blinks" at you when it is attempting to turn on. It looks like it is constantly turning itself off and on about every 2-3 seconds.
I have gone into the device manager and uninstalled and reinstalled it.
I have confirmed that the drivers are updated.
I've adjusted my camera privacy settings - camera access is enabled.
I've restarted the camera app and tried downloading other camera apps like YouCam. Any webcam access doesn't work.

I managed to fix this issue yesterday, but I don't know why or how it happened.
I simply went into my power and sleep settings and then the camera magically started working like there was no issue at all.
I don't know what happened but now it's not working again.
Any ideas?

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