Chromebook has horizontal lines at the top and vertical lines after a while CP713-2W-P5GP)

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In the past 3 days I have experienced 2 potentially related problems with my school acer chromebook (CP713-2W-P5GP)

1) When I use my laptop, I find vertical lines appearing on my screen, distorting it and becoming larger and more apparent as time goes by. At half of the maximum brightness, it takes 5 minutes for the lines to become visible. I've found that decreasing the brightness of my screen causes the lines to take much longer to become visible (Over 20 minutes at 1/4 brightness), and increasing it does the opposite. I've also found that ¨resetting¨ my screen eg by closing the lid or shutting off the laptop causes the whole cycle to reset, making the lines disappear and come back after the aforementioned time.

2) There are also horizontal white lines at the top of my screen, also distorting it.  At first, there were only one or two lines but now it takes up about 8-10% of my screen and has slowly increased to double in size over the past few hours. I've also noticed that they flicker occasionally, changing in brightness.

Here is some other information which may be important:
I first noticed the problems in the same 10 minute period of me using the laptop.
There have been 2-3 unfortunate points in time where I have left the laptop in my school bag and then dropped the bag from about a 15cm distance on the floor when I reached home before I noticed the problem occurring, so my carelessness could be the cause
I have tried to power on and off the laptop a number of times as well as press and hold the off button, both to no avail.

If anyone could help me with this problem I would be very grateful.

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  • EaswarEaswar Member Posts: 6,728 Guru
    Hi AidanOng,

    Check for updates yourself

    1. Turn on your Chromebook.
    2. Connect your Chromebook to Wi-Fi.
    3. At the bottom right, select the time.
    4. Select Settings .
    5. At the bottom of the left panel, select About Chrome OS.
    6. Under "Google Chrome OS," you'll find which version of the Chrome operating system your Chromebook uses.
    7. Select Check for updates.
    8. If your Chromebook finds a software update, it will start to download automatically.​
  • BRFoleyBRFoley Member Posts: 1 New User
    Mine is up to date and flickers badly. There is a ghost image that blinks every 2 seconds. Unusable!
  • William_mk2William_mk2 Ally Posts: 3,393

    Try to do a chrome reset on your chromebook   
    open chrome
    click on three dots on top right corner 
    click on settings
    Scroll down - go to advanced
    click on restore setting to default
    you will see reset settings - cancel
    click on reset settings 
    Close the chrome and open it  It should work fine.. 

    If it is still not working.. 

    We need to do a power wash on your chrome book.  
    Restart the chromebook.
    On the login screen please don’t type the password.
    Hold the Ctrl key + shift key + alt key on keyboard and then press the letter r once
    It will show “Reset this pc”
    Click on power wash and continue.. 
    Please understand it will clear the local and user settings.. 
    Please complete the final setup.. 
    Connnect to wifi and type the wifi password
    Login to chromebook with your regular password
    It should work fine ..

    If it is still not working 

    Kindly follow the details from the link given below.    It will show you how to perform a hard reset. 

    Once the hard reset is completed try to check whether it is working fine by connecting to wireless.   

    If it is still not working then it might be a hardware issue 

    If your laptop is in warranty you can contact the warranty dept.     Go to the website - chose your country.   On the new page - scroll down -  click on "contact support".  Scroll down.  You can find the phone no to contact the warranty dept. 

    If it is out of warranty, please contact local store or

    Go to the website - chose your country.   On the new page - scroll down -  Click on  "Repair My Acer" - Request to have your Acer product repaired.   There will be charges for repair. 

    Additional info to contact Acer Store:  Please visit the website - - chose your country - click on shop.   You can buy desktop, laptop, monitor and accessories.  Alternatively,  on the top right corner you can find the phone no to contact Acer store.   For the parts which are not available on Acer store, you have to contact local store.

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    I am not an ACER employee
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  • smithmmark1smithmmark1 Member Posts: 1 New User

    Same as mine. Performed all the updating, resets and powerwashed twice. There is still a horizontal line flicker (aka ghost image) that occurs every two seconds. Two seconds flicker, two seconds no flicker, two seconds flicker, two seconds no flicker, etc.

  • billseybillsey ACE Posts: 27,065 Trailblazer

    You really should start a new thread for your issue, so we can keep things clear as to what is going on. A flicker that is gated by time like yours is more likely to be something on the software side than on the hardware side. Updating the OS and doing a powerwash without change tells us it's going to be tough to find a software problem though, since the OS update should have fixed any file corruption and the powerwash should have removed any configuration issues with your account. Do you have other apps loaded that get reinstalled after the powerwash? Can you pull them back off for testing? Typically the flickers and phantom lines point at an issue with the wiring that runs between the MB and display, often where the wiring runs through the hinge and gets flexed often, but that usually presents with changes when you move the screen...

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