Acer XB323UGP - Vertical lines, Flickering Not just lines, but freezing pixels and flickering.



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    Ithildae said:
    omg ... update: The Viewsonic XG320Q has the exact same issue!
    If that's the case I suspect the ASUS variant will have it too. It seems these all use the same panel.
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    Dean478 said:
    If that's the case I suspect the ASUS variant will have it too. It seems these all use the same panel.
    Right. Funny how different the price tag is for the same panel. I paid 830 EUR for the ViewSonic, will send it back. I'm now looking for a 32'' monitor without HDR.
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    Guys, I'm on an un-well-known model XV253QX and got the same issue.

    Conclusion: stay out of AUO panels/monitors  :p
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    I'm on my 4th replacement. The first one I replaced because of a faulty stand. The rest because they arrived with dead pixels. The one that I am using right now was one of the models I had earlier rejected as it had dead pixels. Somehow they managed to fix it and return it back to me. And now I am getting vertical lines ever so often, specially after I leave the monitor on idle for a little while. Thing is the vertical lines go away after 10 minutes or so. My worry is: will it get worse in the future? If so maybe I should ask Acer for a refund because this is ridiculous. First a faulty stand, then dead pixels and now this! I thought the predator line was the best that Acer had!
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    Edge74 said:
    For those still in pain with this monitor, some interesting clues from person with same issue.

    I found a web page which served me as a reliable trigger for getting the lines and flickering on.
    I'm using Edge(Chromium), dark mode. 
    Block 10 APG-70 Radar Flashcards | Quizlet

    Cable type (DP including those expensive with v1.4 markings, does not help), relocating DP away from power supply, USB and network cables, also a dud).
    Vertical frequency, lowering to 60Hz or setting up a custom resolution, zero point.

    Now, the blast.
    Nvidia control panel, Display section, Change resolution
    OUTPUT DYNAMIC RANGE - set to limited, lines/flickering - GONE

    For some reason, monitor has a problem with the driver or it's out of specification for full dynamic range.

    I usually get horrible flickering on my XB323UGP while playing Escape from Tarkov in Dark areas. basically vertical lines everywhere and ghosting that only goes away if i get to a bright location after some time.

    I Just tried setting the OUTPUT DYNAMIC RANGE - set to limited, lines - GONE /flickering -  Not GONE (might be Gsync related).

    just thought I'd put it out there for people to try out.

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    Obviously there is more than a single cause contributing to the stripes and flickering.
    During last few months I used various settings with Acer Display Widget, trying to find the culprit. Nothing so war helped to narrow it down except few cases where stripes were present when monitor was in 100, 144 and 165 Hz mode while setting to 120Hz cleared the screen in split second.

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    Turning ON super sharpness in monitor PICTURE settings fixed the issue for me.
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    Mine started showing the same problems (vertical lines, flickering parts of the screen and image tetention) about half a year after the purchase. So far it has happened only in two games : Hunt: showdown and Control. And only in dark scenes, night maps. Have tried switching/changing all kinds of settings in OSD but nothing helped. Have downloaded and installed monitor's firmware from Acer, still didn't change a thing. Only reducing refresh rate from 170 to 144 helped a bit but didn't eliminate the problem.

    Don't want to take it to the service centre as I can't replicate the problem anywhere outside those two games. Can't afford to leave it for god knows how long at their centre without guaranteed positive reaults for RMA.

    Have tried provoking the problem with browser dark mode or other dark imagery but so far - nothing...

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    Likely induced noise in the cable being affected only when it has enough activity at higher frequencies. Try a better cable or a cable reroute.

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    I noticed the same thing on my monitor(same as op). It has happened a couple of times and I have never been able to recreate the issue until now. It seems that black boost may be one cause.

    I was watching a youtube video on my Nintendo Switch hooked up to the monitor. Here's the video if anyone is interested in testing for themselves:

    (Problems started while replaying the video from mark 29:00 to 30:00 ish)

    Monitor is in standard color space. Had full RGB range mode on the switch. Problem appeared. Did the same thing with limited range mode on the switch. No flickering. Tried with full range again and flickering started yet again.

    With full RGB range on the switch, I tried setting black boost to 0. No flickering occurred.

    Haven't tested the HDR mode but if I remember correctly the flickering happended for me too while in HDR-600 mode when I was watching Netflix on PS5.

    I have never happened across this problem with DP while using my desktop computer.

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    Yes, EMI interference is really a black art. You not only have to deal with data frequency but amplitude...

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    I have the same issue with XB323U monitor… It's 2nd week and 2nd time in the Service in Poland. Still no answer. 1st time service said they don't see anything and send monitor back to me… They asked to send it back after I show them videos showing the issue.

    It happens on HDR and HDR-600 as well as on ECO mode unfortunately. I was hoping that this is only HDR mode issue or Sharpness could fix that. Unfortunately, nothing fixed the issue.

    Acer could you please help with the service?

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    1. Acer representatives are not here and never were
    2. Make a video of the issue and keep sending it for the service, it my case they said that if you've sent it three times (with the video attached) even if they will not find the issue themselves, they will agree to a refund. So, it took me almost a year to get this refund.
    3. Do not expect that they will fix the issue for you, do not agree on the replacement, just get a refund and get another monitor that actually works.