Acer H5360 beamer failure.

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First of all, i want to say im impressed by the lifespan of my acer beamer. I had this beauty for over 12 years now, paid it with my first full paycheck at the age of 17.

 A few months ago, i got a notification that the lamp is approaching its last few hours on full settings. It didn't scare me, because i used it for way more hours then expected. I thought it was the lamp that failed. I didnt want to buy a new one yet, but maybe i could fix it myself... So i ordered a new lamp, the same lamp. Osram P-vip 200/0.8 E20.8. Nothing special about that.

I tried replacing the lamp. That wasn't that hard. Pull out the module, screwed everything apart and replaced the lamp. Connected it... and failed... Beamer is not starting. Makes a zooming sound, 3 beeps and then shuts down. Can it be something else that the lamp? Could it be the color prism that fails? I really really hope someone can help me try figuring out what can be the problem.

Please help me revive my beauty haha! Thanks in advance!