HELP. My webcam is not working and no drivers are listed in device manager

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This discussion was created from comments split from: Webcam is not working/not visible on Aspire VN7-593G/Windows 10.


  • KMR
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    hi Anev, did you fix this issue as i'm having the same issue. My camera was working fine and all of a sudden its disappeared and not in the device manager either. Any ideas? 
  • MiMoAces
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    I am also wondering what the verdict is! I have tried every suggested solution and talked to both Windows and Acer support. The laptop is under warranty, so Acer said they think the webcam is no longer physically attached to the motherboard. Just wondering if that is really the issue since this seems to be so widespread.
  • billsey
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    The issue is almost certainly a problem with the drivers handling the internal USB ports. Either the root hub goes away, which disconnects anything connected to it, if the data going through the driver is garbled, meaning the devices are seen but not recognized. It has been an intermittent issue for a year or two now and very difficult to pin down. Often a reinstall fixes it, sometimes a Windows update fixes it, sometimes it fixes itself and sometimes it doesn't. :(
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