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  • Fireblaze12
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    If I try to reinstall Windows will it work with a flash drive 
  • JackE
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    >>>ALT+F10. I went to the automatic startup repair by turning on and off my laptop 4 times, it’s the same as Alt+f10 >>>

    Not what I meant. Did you in fact try an erase-everything factory cold boot reset from outside of the Windows environment?  This is NOT an automatic startup repair. If the ALT+F10 cold boot method goes directly to the automatic startup repair screen, and the erase-everything factory reset option isn't presented, then we have a more complicated problem here. Jack E/NJ

    PS Make sure D2D option is enabled in BIOS main tab.
    Jack E/NJ
  • kenz101
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    Hello there,

    I had the same issue as you and was bashing my head against the wall! i have done thousands of windows installations going all the way back to 3.11 and this problem was very frustrating even for me. HERE is the solution that worked for me:-

    Format the USB you intend to put Windows 10 on to as a bootable then go through the creation tool and be very careful as you do this because this was where i went wrong! you will get to a screen where you choose the version and bit and this is usually greyed out as its ticked use recommended setting from this computer or something, YOU NEED TO UNTICK THIS! this will then create a fresh windows 10 installation without any other addons taken from the system you are using to create the bootable. this worked for me and i hope it does for you.
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  • JackE
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    kenz101   Thanks for your report. Jack E/NJ

    Jack E/NJ

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