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g3-710 - Predator desktop multiple issues

ZaneiZanei Posts: 5Member New User
edited January 24 in Predator Desktops
hello I have a predator g3-710 I think? before continuing further I will mention I bought it from a family member not directly from Acer, though I believe they bought it from XXX, anyway my computer has a case that matches that of a Acer g3 but when I open up Acer software or look at the model name In Windows it says g6-710 however it does not have a ssd at all and has 2 HDD hard drives instead, the graphics card is a RX480 the processor is a i7-7700 and it has 16gigs of ram  a while ago back in 2018 it was taken into repair from XXX who said that they would send it to Acer for repair, back when it was still in warranty. The reason for its repair was for ‘power cycling’ if I remember correctly However that’s just the beginning more recently (half way 2019 ish) it started having this issue were the moniter would receive no signal around half the time I would turn it on requiring me to power it down and restart it until the display received signal then I noticed the fan wasn’t spinning so I opened it up and gave it a bit of a clean (it was filthy) but even after the clean it still didn’t work so I left it but now around a week ago the computer started spontaneously freezing  the first time squares appeared all over the screen since then it’s just frozen in place it started out only happening around once an hour but now it seems to be freezing faster sometimes I can’t even stay long enough to check cpu-z for temperature (side note I did find out I can control some sort of fan from the new Radeon software but the one I can see in the case doesn’t spin)

-Large fan doesn’t spin
-Squares appeared on the moniter
-Spontaneous Freezing
-When booting sometimes monitor displays no signal
-identity crisis (looks like g3-710 says it’s a G6-710 doesn’t have exactly the hardware of either)
-Has been taken into repair before now out of warrenty
-has been used with a htc vive

Specs (as seen on Windows)
-16 gigs of ram
- Rx480 graphics
-i7700 cpu
-BaseBoard Product? : Predator G6(KBL)
-2 HDD hardrives 1tb each

I probably missed some bit of important info and sorry for my giant vent of text above but if you know any way for me to fix this then please help :)

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FAQ & Answers

  • ZaneiZanei Posts: 5Member New User
    It doesn’t seem to freeze while playing games in my case star citizen but after quitting them it freezes pretty fast afterwards
  • billseybillsey Posts: 8,265ACE Trailblazer
    There were at least 20 different SKUs for the g6-710, some just language differences and some different build options. Yours is likely one with different build options to what you find for online specs. There were both 6th gen and 7th gen MBs so your 7th gen i7 is appropriate. I'm not as sure of the GPU, IIRC they came with GTX 950 or 970 cards, but they may have populated some with different. Your GPU sounds like it's failing, either due to overheating or possibly to static damage. You can do a bit ore diagnostics by monitoring CPU and GPU temperatures but my guess is the fix will be a replacement card.
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  • ZaneiZanei Posts: 5Member New User
    ok thank you, I am wondering Though when I go into a game and play for upwards of two hours it’s completely fine but as soon as I quit the game and use a web browser or watch videos it freezes up then crashes in less than 5 minutes it just seems like that should be the other way around
  • billseybillsey Posts: 8,265ACE Trailblazer
    It depends on what's causing the crashes. :) Are you using the same browser to watch the videos? If not are they online or local files? You could easily be seeing the browser crash without anything wrong with the computer...
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  • ZaneiZanei Posts: 5Member New User
    It’s defiantly not the browser as I’ve uninstalled it and used a different browser yet the same thing happens but when I’m playing a game that doesn’t happen at all even if the browser is open in the background
  • billseybillsey Posts: 8,265ACE Trailblazer
    Maybe the video codec then? The games wouldn't use it, but a video player would.
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  • ZaneiZanei Posts: 5Member New User
    If it was “video codec” I would assume it wouldn’t crash at ALL in games were it does I’ll go with it having something to do with overheating as my fans have been abit wonky and my gpu might be having problems because of that (found something about faulty Vram somewere ) if I was to replace the gpu with let’s say an Nvidia gpu would that still be compatible? For reference what I assume is the motherboard (baseboard same thing? ) it shows PREDATOR-G6(KBL) I’m not sure about compatibility with a different manufacturers gpu

    can I replace a AMD Radeon gpu with an nvidia one without issues

    motherboard/baseboard: PREDATOR-G6(KBL)
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