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PC: predator g3620 - Cant access BIOS, blackscreen after Acer logo. 1 beep then 2 short fast beep.

srhsrh123srhsrh123 Posts: 14Member New User
edited January 23 in Predator Desktops
If i start my PC With a GPU GTX1050TI i get 1 beep then 2 fast short beeps. I can see the Acer logo and press del or f12. If i press del or f12 i get the same result i get when i just wait for it to boot, i get black screen. After a while my monitor just going to sleep / turns off.

I also tried to start the PC without a gpu, just using the VGA cable directly from the motherboard in to my PC. I dont get the same result but I get 1 beep, then 1 beep, then many fast beeps until i turn off the monitor. I get no Picture on the screen, it dont detect any VGA from the motherboard.

Also tried With only 4GB RAM, changing the RAM posistion everytime to see if it get any result, which it dont. Also had 16 GB RAM in it to til up all slots.

I tried to reset battery, also changed battery to see if its any different. Tried With and without my SSD, also changed SSD. There is no other USB or CD room plugged in. I cant boot With USB, i get blackscreen. Keyboard still having lights when my screen goes off/sleep. I tried With Windows 7,8 and 10. Atm i use 10.

Im thinking its something with cmos or rom, or gpu?

PC: predator g3620 H67 Express
Motherboard (not sure if its right info, but its what i find on the motherboard itself): Ipisb-vr rev 1.01 or 11422470 0003111 69m10a6w0a02 p03-a1

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  • billseybillsey Posts: 8,251ACE Trailblazer
    I believe the one beep then two short beeps is, as you suspect, a GPU failure during POST. It doesn't dig down into what might be failing on the card, just that it's unable to correctly initialize it. Can you pull the card out and verify it starts fine with the onboard graphics? If so, do you have another GPU that you could test with to make sure it's not the slot itself?
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  • srhsrh123srhsrh123 Posts: 14Member New User
    edited January 24
    When i start it without my gpu it just beeps all the time, non-stop. 
  • billseybillsey Posts: 8,251ACE Trailblazer
    There must be a BIOS switch to enable MB graphics then, which doesn't help you much. Any chance you have access to a different GPU card to plug in? It doesn't have to be the same model...
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  • In the other topic that you had created, I posted this information:
    1 long, 2 short Failure in video system An error was encountered in the video BIOS ROM, or a horizontal retrace failure has been encountered
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