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Power / Motherboard issue Predator g3-710

PixieHacKlericPixieHacKleric Posts: 2Member New User
edited January 21 in Predator Desktops
My Predator g3-710 gaming desktop stopped working overnight the other day.  Attempt to turn on and there was no power - the power supply, which had been quite audible before, makes no sign of starting up.  I checked the power supply by disconnecting it and then jumping it from ground / on and it started up when I plugged it in.  The on switch appears to be working when I check it with a multimeter and press the button.  I'm gathering that this is thus a motherboard issue.  I'had hoped that the PC, purchased only a few years ago (but now out of warranty) could last a bit longer. Curious if there is anything else I should check or what my next steps might be?

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  • billseybillsey Posts: 8,315ACE Trailblazer
    Boy, there's not a lot that can go wrong with the MB that will affect that power up circuit. Can you see any scorch marks around that area?
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  • PixieHacKlericPixieHacKleric Posts: 2Member New User
    No scorch marks around the area.  Pins look good from the power switch cable.
  • billseybillsey Posts: 8,315ACE Trailblazer
    I'd probably go next to pulling the MB so I could inspect the back as well. Maybe a cold solder joint finally failed... If that's no it then maybe it's time to upgrade, either by swapping in a newer MB or by getting a new machine. :(
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