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Aspire A517 51G 55G9 SO MANY PROBLEMS

Hello, my Aspire is just about 2 years old, used almost exclusively for lighter games (fallout 4, Borderlands 2 and pre sequel, on low graphic settings) and movies. About 6 months ago, fallout started randomly crashing, getting to the point where i couldn't play 5 minutes without a crash, and not a to desktop, just like blip, black screen, off.

Anyway, i hadn't really used my laptop much in the last few months until just recently. Wanting to figure out the problem, or hopefully fix it. I followed so many articles and posts about what the problem could be. Fan was running, resource monitor wasn't showing the system being overly taxed, all drivers were painstakingly up to date, battery/power settings adjusted, Windows updated, everything, everything I could possibly think of. So i reset/reinstalled Windows. That's where my trouble multiplied.

Over the last 2 days I've been losing devices, first my keyboard. No button functions besides the power button and what function buttons I can check.

Then my sound, it detects no sound devices. No help with the troubleshooter, it tries to install the driver, but upon reboot, it's not in the service manager.

Then I noticed my wifi is gone. Poof. No connections unless and Ethernet is plugged in. Troubleshooter doesn't even try to help, just says to try plugging in the ether.

Next, my Bluetooth. Doesn't even show up in device manager. 

I am at wits end. Again, Windows updated, what drivers still remain are updated, battery cycled, created a second user in the event that my profile is somehow corrupted, hundreds of restarts at this point. 

If anyone can help me at all I would be eternally grateful. 

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  • About the wireless network card problem, try unplugging it and reconnecting it:
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