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why my acer nitro 7 battery wont charge even i dont do anything?

hi! my gaming laptop wont charge smereason and i need help, i just buyed this laptop few month ago and i dont know what to do to make it charge, can you please help me?

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    These are the basic steps that you need to follow.

    Power Drain test for laptop.

    If your computer is not having the inbuilt battery follow these steps.

    1.  Turn off the laptop.  Unplug all the cables and devices including power cable.

    2.  Remove the battery if it is not inbuilt.

    3.  Hold the power button for 50 seconds.

    4.  Connect all the cables back

    5.  Turn on the computer.

    Steps to remove the battery.

    1.  Turn off the computer.   Remove all the cables and devices including power cable

    2.  Turn the laptop upside down.  Flip the laptop.  On the back of laptop there will 

    be a unlock switch.  You need to move the switch to the left or right and then you 

    need to pull the battery door out.   

    If your computer is having an inbuilt battery follow these steps.

    Power Drain test.

    1.  Turn off the laptop.  Unplug all the cables and devices including power cable. 

    Flip the laptop.  On the back of the laptop there will be a tiny hole.  It is called a 

    battery reset hole.  There will be a battery symbol right next to the hole.

    2. You need to insert a paper clip or small pin gently inside the hole and hold it for 

       30 seconds.  

    3. Plug all the cables back and turn on the computer.

    Step 2

    Bios Defaults.

    1. Turn on the computer and keep on tapping f2.  It will go to bios setup utility

    2. Press f9 once on the bios setup screen.   It will show you bios defaults.  Please 

    press yes.

    3. Press f10 on the bios setup screen.  It will show you "yes" to save the changes.  

    Kindly check whether the battery will charge now..

    If the above steps are not working then follow these steps

    Kindly follow steps listed below...

    Step 1:  Try Windows x - click on device manager   or  press and hold the windows key 

    and press r .  On the run window - type devmgmt.msc.  

    Go to device manager
    On the list of devices
    click on Battery.   Expand Battery.   
    Right click on Battery item line and click on uninstall

    Restart the computer and check whether you can charge the battery again

    Step 2: 

    If the step one doesn't work try to use a alternative charger  and check..

    Step 3:

    If you are using a removable battery try the following steps.   Turn off the computer. 

     Remove the power cables and other devices connected.   Turn the laptop upside down.   

     There will be a unlock switch on the back of computer.   Try to move the switch to 

    the right or left and pull the battery door.  Try to reseat the battery by taking it 

    out and putting it back in.    Connect the power cable and turn on the computer.   

    Please check whether it is charging properly now.  

    If the above steps are helpful for you please click "like"

    If the above steps resolves your issue please click "yes"
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