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Undervolting Acer nitro 5, did I do right?(AN515-54-79EL )

DS001DS001 Posts: 5Member


Model Name: AN515-54-79EL 
Part Number: NH.Q5BED.072
9gpu:1660 ti 6gb
system: Windows 10 Home

I wanted to undervolt my cpu because the temp was very high. So I downloaded the Throttlestop, but am not very sure if I have done it correctly.

I tested first with different volt and run the ts bench with size 64M, 256M and 1024M to see if there are any errors (I did not know what the differences are between them and i can not find it either, so i just ran all three of them.). After doing few tests, i found that -135.7 mV would not cause any error. Btw, i have -135.7 mV on CPU core, CPU cache and IntelGPU and the rest is still 0V. After that I did a stresstest on prime95 on both samll and large FFTs for 10 min each, and it did not cause any reboot either. So, am I done or is there still any thing that i should do?

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