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FAQ - Common Questions

A list of commonly asked questions to help new-comers find simple solutions.


Q: I just got my laptop! What do you recommend I do?
A: First update everything then perform a battery calibration once that's complete.
To calibrate your battery simply let the battery drain (From full charge) to 7% then recharge to 100% a total of 3 times.

Q: I heard letting the battery drain too low is bad for it?
A: After the calibration process is complete, yes.
You always want to recharge the laptop before it reaches less than 20% (For best lifespan).

Q: Can I leave my laptop plugged in all the time with no ill effects?
A: Sure, once the laptop is fully charged it will disconnect the battery (Minus trickle charge effect).
I left mine plugged in for almost 2 years :]

Q: My battery drops to 95% after it said "Fully Charged" when I unplug AC?
A: From 100% the system drops to 95% then trickle charges back to 100%, it is normal.

Q: My battery is draining while playing games even though I'm plugged in?
A: Most of the time this is because you started playing the game before the battery was at 100%
Try charging to 100% before starting your game.

Q: What is "Undervolting the CPU"?
A: It simply limits the voltage your CPU uses to achieve it's normal clock speeds.
If you undervolt too far or set the CPU core voltage lower than the CPU cache voltage then it may cause performance/stability issues.

Q: Will undervolting my CPU void warranty?
A: No, not unless you damage it doing so.
Example: If you accidentally overvolt your CPU causing damage.

Q: Does undervolting the CPU cause a decrease in performance?
A: No, as long as it's done properly, it actually increases performance and eliminates thermal throttling.

Q: I was testing undervolt and my PC/laptop restarted! Will this cause damage?
A: No it will not physically damage your system. However if you were working on something and didn't save it...

Q: When I undervolt my game/system freezes and I have to force power off my laptop, what do I do?
A: Lessen your undervolt - For example: If it's at -0.125 then change it to -0.124, then -0.123 etc. until stable. Be sure that core & cache offsets match in value.
If your using Throttlestop: You may have to adjust your Speed Shift EPP setting to a lower value (lower means closer to 0).
Example: Lowering Speed Shift from 128 to 127, then 126, 125 etc.

Q: Why do you guys recommend Throttlestop instead of XTU?
A: Throttlestop is 600KB in size and XTU is 50+MB in size. XTU also resets your undervolt settings randomly, which causes temp spikes when you least expect it. 
Throttlestop also allows adjustment of your SpeedShift EEP to further gain better temperatures.

Q: What is SpeedShift EEP?
A: It's a performance to battery life setting/ratio. 0-255 where 0 means absolute performance and 255 means absolute battery life and temps. 
Setting closer to 0 increases performance but also increases temps and lowers battery life. Setting closer to 255 increases battery life and temps but degrades performance. 
I've found that 110 or 128 is the perfect balance for 7th, 8th and 9th gen CPUs.

Q: My Predator Sense undervolts automatically using XTU profiles, will it conflict with Throttlestop?
A: Yes and no. If you set a auto start delay to Throttlestop it will override your Predator Sense values.
Additionally if you want to modify the Predator Sense XTU profiles you can find them in C:/ProgramData/OEM/PredatorSense/"Your CPU"
Save the modded profile and export with the same name as the profile your changing and reboot. (Recommend to backup default profiles)

Q: I'm getting a BSOD after undervolting!
A: The only BSOD error code that can happen from undervolting is "WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR" - If you have any other BSOD error code then it's not from undervolting.
If you get the WHEA error than reduce your undervolt until stable.
For example: If it's at -0.125 then change it to -0.124, then -0.123 etc. until stable. Be sure that core & cache offsets match in value.

Q: Will over clocking my GPU via third party software (MSIAB) void warranty? 
A: No, not unless you damage it doing so.

Q: Can I overclock the Helios 300 G3-571 model even though Predator Sense doesn't have over clocking built in?
A: Yes, the Helios 300 laptop comes with a Pascal Nvidia GPU which is very overclock friendly.

Q: Why does my Predator Sense not have the turbo feature?
A: The Helios 300 G3-571 model doesn't have this feature built in. I created a how to video for enabling it. 
It will increase temps slightly (about 2-3 C).
Note: You may have to add your GPU's "device ID" to the PredatorSense.config.

Q: My GPU isn't showing up on Predator Sense's graph!
A: Put the laptop to sleep then awaken it.
You can also reinstall your Nvidia driver OR disable "fast startup" for Windows.

Q: What's the importance of updating the BIOs? Is it necessary to update it?
A: Updating the BIOs is extremely important, and you need to make sure you update it as soon as updates arrive. 
Without BIOs updates your Intel CPU cannot activate it's speedstep feature which improves performance and temperatures. 
(On the Triton 500 systems - Updating BIOs allows the RAM to clock at 2666mhz instead of 2400mhz)

Q: Do I have to install every BIOs? Or can I skip right to the latest release?
A: Updating straight to the latest BIOs works fine.

Q: Where do I install the latest BIOs updates?
A: BIOs updates can be found on Acers driver download website. 
Just go there and enter your exact model type and it will show you all software and BIOs updates for your laptop.

Q: Will opening my system to upgrade the M.2 SSD or HDD void my warranty?
A: No, not unless you damage your unit doing so.
Note: Some countries with the "Void Warranty" stickers may not allow you to upgrade components yourself. 
It is recommended to have an Acer technician do it for you if you have one of these stickers.

Q: Will reapplying thermal paste to my CPU/GPU void warranty?
A: No, not unless you damage it doing so.
Note: Some countries with the "Void Warranty" stickers may not allow you to upgrade components yourself. 
It is recommended to have an Acer technician do it for you if you have one of these stickers. (I've heard the technician may use paste you provide yourself of you'd like)

Q: My laptop has backlight bleed, is it normal?
A: All backlight IPS panels have backlight bleed. That includes 3000$ Alienware laptops and even the new Razer Pro laptops. It's normal.
You can attempt a repair by loosening the screws holding your screen panel in place.. 
Check this video at 9:42

Q: Can I upgrade my screen to "Insert panel here"?
A: As long as the EDP pin count, size and mounting brackets on the monitor are the correct type.. yes.
Note: If your system has "Void Warranty" sticks on it then it's recommended to have an Acer Technician make all modifications/upgrades to your system.

Q: Can I upgrade my screen to a G-Sync panel?
A: Probably not. Most laptops have "Optimus" which means the Intel GPU governs the screens output and the screen has no physical connection to the Nvidia GPU.

Q: My laptop runs "laggy" on battery, how can I fix this?
A: It is a feature of Nvidia called "Powermizer" it lowers clock speed to save battery. 
If this feature did not exist then your battery would be drained in < 30 minutes. 
On battery you can use lower graphic settings to make your game smooth again.

Q: My game is limited to 40 (Or 30) fps?
A: In GeForce Experience, find the settings for battery and whisper mode(s).
Turn these off to return fps to normal (normal of battery powermizer that is)

Q: I like the idea of Whisper Mode but I don't like the 40 fps cap.. can I change it?
A: Yes, once Whisper Mode is enabled go to the Nvidia Control Panel then select "Manage 3d Settings" on the left panel then > Select the "Programs Settings" tab and find the game in the drop down menu.
Then scroll down to the bottom of that game's graphic settings where you can adjust Whisper Mode's fps up to 120.

Q: My temps are great on battery but when I plug in the power supply my temps get very high??
A: That's because on battery your CPU and GPU draw less power in order to have any sort of longevity with your battery life. If this did not happen your battery would drain very quickly.
Due to less power being used the performance also drops and therefore temps decrease as well.

Q: Should I turn on V-Sync?
A: V-Sync or G-Sync caps FPS to the screens refresh rate and allows for a other gameplay with no tearing. It is highly recommended to do so.
Example: If you have a 144hz refresh rate but your FPS is higher than 144 fps, you are over working your GPU for framerates you cannot utilize causing unnecessary system load and heat.

Q: Doesn't V-Sync cause input lag in online games?
A: As far as I know, only CSGO suffers from this input lag to the point of being fatal (in-game). Enabling Triple Buffering is a good way to remedy this.
In other games input lag really only causes issues if your FPS is lower than your screens refresh rate (In which case why do you have V-Sync enabled?).

Q: I can't reach 60/144 fps on "insert game here" on my Predator system?
A: Use Geforce Experience to "Optimize" the games graphic settings.
What this does is checks your system settings/screen refresh and compares to the graphic demand of the game and optimizes the graphics. (See picture of Optimize option in Game list)

Q: Will installing Windows Pro or Enterprise instead of what OS my system came with void my warranty?
A: Partially. Your OS warranty will be void. Your system hardware will not.

Q: Google Chrome isn't working right because of *put reason here*.
A: Disable Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome.

Q: My touchpad stopped working?
A: Hit FN+F7 or FN+F2 (It depends on what model you have, check the picture for reference)

Q: My touchpad started to behave strangely and gestures aren't working like they used to?
A: Check in the BIOs for a setting to set the touchpad to "Advanced"

Q: What's the best Windows version ISO for me to use for gaming?
A: Support ends soon for Windows version 1709 and below.. That said currently Windows 1903 is the best.
(1803 is terrible)

Q: Should I disable Windows update?
A: I do not suggest disabling Windows updates.
The reason is because you will lose security updates going forward.

Q: How do I stay on the Windows version I prefer and still get security updates?
A: Allow your device to update via Windows Update then go to Settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Rollback.
Once you Rollback to the previous version you had, Windows will no longer prompt for an update until the next big release (Where you can repeat this process).
It will also continue to give you security updates after you rollback.

Q: I don't have a Predator system and I'm wondering is my PC/laptop as good as you guys?
A: No, you are an insect. 
We will find you in any game you play... 
...and make you suffer.
Hope this helps!
- Hotel Hero

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    And that about every major issue covered :)

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    Awesome information Red-Sand, thanks a lot.

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    Awesome information Red-Sand, thanks a lot.

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    I would edit the 2nd-last point. Currently, if you do get a feature update notification, it will appear below the current update status. So, you will keep getting new monthly updates and drivers also but for feature update to even start the dowload, you have to explicitly click on "Download now". In 1903, I get this same notification for monthly updates as well (Best Windows Update enhancement ever!).
    Trying to do my best here - Your happy Predator owner =)!
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    Indeed, great info. Nicely put together Red-Sand. Thank you for sharing this!!
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    Awesome information Red-Sand, thanks a lot.

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    Yep useful information... Now I know why my Touchpad wasn't working xD.
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    Quality FAQ, well done!
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    Awesome information Red-Sand, thanks a lot.

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    Yep useful information... Now I know why my Touchpad wasn't working xD.
    It's always the simple things that get us 😅
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