BIOS updated to v1.22 - 1.24 , makes keyboard light turns off after few seconds even while plugged.

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Hi all,


We apologize for all the confusion this has created, I want to clarify that the intended behavior of the backlight on all Nitro's 5 and Acer models is to always turn off 30 seconds after the last key stroke, this is not a bug but a feature (is not new), and it is a power saver (it does save on battery life).


Please refer to the following knowledge article link: We will provide your feedback to our design/engineering team for future consideration, but at the moment theirs no information that this feature will be changed.


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To be honnest, Im not impressed by Acer staff costumer service and technical support included engineer who made those Version Bios with many complain.
I would give rate experience 2/10 = Very not good, im sure im not the only one who think about that since the release of those new version bios with complication with it.

Dear Acer,

Poeple want have to control adjusting temporaly or letting permently their light keyboard on.
Maybe the other fix from the new bios is neccessary depend of poeple what kind of issue they have.
However, dont force the community to accept the light keyboard turn off after like 15 - 30 sec. That is not acceptable.
Since poeple paid over aprox 2000$ or more , we expect more quality service adapted not amature service like HP that most of their product have faulty built manufacturer.
Some of us or more are really thinking to buy Apple or other gaming laptop that they are more reliable who have trusty professional staff, tech and engineer etc.

Even Blackberry, they coming back with trusty product.

So fix your ligth keyboard quiclky !!!
If you dont have the competent professional IT to fix it,
then hire new real expert who can fix that problem in the next Version Bios.
Stop being lazy !


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    @Nicolas0 thats not an issue its a feature implemented by Acer devs to save battery it will switch off the backlit 30s after the last stroke if im not mistaken and cannot be changed its built into the bios (unless u have an unlocked bios which will void warranty) all bios 1.22 and after have this feature and there is no point of opening more threads about it as i said its a feature not a bug if u dont like it downgrade bios (its a bit risky) or dont upgrade it at all why upgrade it if there arent issues only upgrade bios if u have really serious issues i am on 1.20 and will be forever

    And aka the keyboard its not broken to be fixed also haters will always be haters so not even saying anything eles here already stated my position everywhere and im sticking to it whoever doesn't like it (can bag it and keep it) sorry there's nothing else to do

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