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Where i put my RAM?

FuphyFuphy Posts: 1Member Newbie
Hey. Iam going to add some ram on my pc but i dont know what slot i need to put it in. There is 2 white slots and 2 black slots to ram memory. Now my ram is on black slot but do i need to put the new ram to white slot or black slot?

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  • First tell the exact model of your computer! Then check the settings of your current ram in aida64:

    You can put ram memory in any slot, even if it's white or black! This is just a design issue!
    In the past, these slots were differentiated so that the user would know if the slot was for ddr memory or for ddr2 memory, as there were some models of motherboards that supported both types of memories! Currently, this differentiation does not exist anymore, since all models of current motherboards only support ddr4, regardless of the color of the slot!
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  • VNM7VNM7 Posts: 5Member New User
    and the PC model is???
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