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PredatorSense, "Sorry! This computer is not supported"

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I had my laptop replaced cause by overheating. The technician said that they have to replace the motherboard to repair the unit. But instead of changing the board, they decided to replace the whole unit with a new one. I was so happy with it since I would be getting a brand new one instead of a repaired one. My concern now is I can't update the PredatorSense neither by the downloaded installer from Acer drivers nor by the auto-update function of PS itself. Every time I try to install it, this prompt always pop-ups, "Sorry! This computer is not supported".

My unit is Predator Helios 300 G3-571, but the system model says it is "G3-571-77QK", not "Predator G3-571" or "G3-571", this is based on dxdiag. For now this is not a critical concern since it works just fine, but once I replace my SSD and lose the pre-installed PS how can I install then? Any suggestions on what certain procedures should I take to resolve this problem? Thank you in advance.

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