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Helios 500 I7 power throttling for no real reason

VelaVela Posts: 5Member


Hi guys, I need help with this. This machine is capable of much more but its restricted to, since recently to 56W. This is not that bad since it was restricted to 45W untill the last Predator sense update. So thank you to Acer for listening to community. But it can comfortabely run at 70W without overheating! And I did get it to run without power throttling with Intel XTU but every time i reboot it, the program resets to stock. Actually it does some wierd undervolt to -0.125V and wants to stay there unless I manually type in the values I need. And then it's all good untill I restart it. I tried ThrottleStop but it cannot change turbo power limits. It can in the interface but it doesn't really do anything. I monitor the values in cpu-z and in XTU and all it does reliably is undervolt. So ThrottleStop is out of the picture. Intel XTU would be the answer if it could keep the settings. Predator sense also resets to 45W after reboot. There must be a way! This is the best laptop on the market currently! I bought Asus with same specs and returned it after 4 days because it was not working at all. It would owerheat and power throttle like crazy. So help guys, Im using it to render 3D stuff on it, so more speed would be nice. 

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  • vanadiumvanadium Posts: 66Member Devotee
    Mod the bios. I did and you can have all those settings directly from the bios: undervolting the CPU and increasing TDP short and long watts. You can even overclock the RAM. Intel XTU and throttlestop and annoying because you need to run them on startup. (and I don't like to run them because either they're not reliable or they haven't all the settings)
  • VelaVela Posts: 5Member


    I would love to do it but I don't know how. Can you please help? I would really appreciate it!
  • vanadiumvanadium Posts: 66Member Devotee
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    I've made a blog post explaining how to do this: https://octoperf.com/blog/2018/09/02/acer-predator-helios-500-mods/

    It requires a hardware programmer (CH341A can be found for 5€ on aliexpress).

  • Acer has built in power package increases in Predator Sense..


    Unlocking BiOs voids warranty.
    - Hotel Hero
  • VelaVela Posts: 5Member


    I don't know is someone who brings decisions at Acer can get this message, but I think it would be good. Acer has made one of the best if not the best laptop on the market currently, they must exploit this! Now is the time to cash in this opportunity. I can confirm that this machine can hold it's max multi-core turbo boost without overheating. Give us the unlocked version of BIOS! Or at least increase the limits and allow Intel XTU to apply the changes to BIOS. The problem now is that you gave us just a taste of what this computer can do, but not the whole cake. Mine works perfectly steady at -0.2V undervolt of core and cashe and at 70W PL1 and 90W PL2. Make a change to Predator sense so it doesn't have to be reset every time the windows boot up. Send those laptops to main reviewers on youtube and you'll get the biggest promo you can imagine! ASUS is on the fall, they don't have a good machine out now and people are starting to realize this. They'll get it right by the end of the year and then it'll be too late. Do it!
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