Aspire A515-51G Notebook - suddenly power off a few times a day

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Dear Acer Community,
I have purchased the Acer Aspire A515-51G Notebook in mid March in Hong Kong. Initially it works very fine.
In the past couple days, the Aspire Notebook suddenly power off itself while I was doing browsing or viewing my photo images.
The sudden power off happened a few times a day.. sometimes it did not have such a problem....
Are there any advise how to avoid this problem? Please advise. Thanks.

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    So, you can go here and download the last version of the Bios, please make sure that you don't have the last one, you can check it like this:

    Hold and press windows key along with the letter "R", it will prompt to you the "Run" there type in " msinfo32.exe " there you will see the bios version, after it confirm here what bios version you need "Most likely is the last one" and you download it and install it.

    I wish you the best! :)
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    Or you can just perform the last windows update, just check for updates.! :+1: