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Acer ED273 144hz refresh issue--No help from customer service--

kingjustinkingjustin Posts: 2Member New User
edited March 2018 in Monitors
I am looking for some much needed help. I have tried contacting the customer service, but they just told me to come here and disconnected the chat :/. Anyways,
my problem is that my computer will not allow me to go up to 144hz on my display setting. It only goes up to 120hz. 
I have an AMD Rx480 8gb GPU and running Windows 10. I have it plugged into the GPU via HDMI Not sure if that'll help.
The agent did say that it was something in my settings/software issue, but no help past that point (except for $60 remote access fee to fix, but not how to fix).

So any help would be much appreciated!!

FAQ & Answers

  • kingjustinkingjustin Posts: 2Member New User
    Also! under device settings it says my monitor is a 'Generic PnP monitor'. Not sure if it's suppose to say that or Acer monitor etc. 
  • billseybillsey Posts: 5,863ACE Pathfinder
    The PnP monitor thing is OK, that's just how it's supposed to work. HDMI only supports up to 120Hz, for 144Hz you need to use the Dual Link DVI.
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  • Screwtech02Screwtech02 Posts: 1Member New User
    What Billsey said is correct, I have 3 of these in a eyefinity setup, 2 on DP, and one on dual link DVI to run them all @ 144hz.  There is also a driver for them on the download/support page now.
  • juggawestjuggawest Posts: 1Member New User
    so with HDMI it'll be recognized as a Generic VGA monitor? my other rig recognized the tv as a S Br tv? But this states generic but only 60hz it's 144hz.
  • BRJBRJ Posts: 1Member New User
    billsey said:
    The PnP monitor thing is OK, that's just how it's supposed to work. HDMI only supports up to 120Hz, for 144Hz you need to use the Dual Link DVI.
    Actually, the ed273 uses displayport to reach 144hz.  The monitor can be attached using other methods, but those connections will not reach 144hz.  If the original commenter is connecting the computer to the monitor by any method other than displayport then the monitor will not have 144hz available.
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