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[Acer Swift 3 SF314-52] Stop default language from reinstalling on restart?

ForumUser001ForumUser001 Posts: 6Member New User
My Acer Swift 3 (running Windows 10) was originally pre-installed with "English (Canada) US Keyboard".

I don't like it, because "English (Canada) US Keyboard" does NOT support Emoji hotkey (Win + .).

I instead installed the languages "English (United States) US Keyboard" and "Spanish (Argentina) Latin America Keyboard", and then I uninstalled the "English (Canada) US Keyboard" language.

But when I restart the computer, "English (Canada) US Keyboard" is reinstalled without my consent. When I go into Windows 10 > Settings > Time & Language > Region & language, and I attempt to delete the self-reinstalled "English (Canada) US Keyboard" languagae, it does not even appear in the "Languages" list. So I am forced to add "English (Canada) US Keyboard" again, but then if I delete it, it will just be reinstalled again!!!

How do I stop Acer/Windows from reinstalling "English (Canada) US Keyboard"...?

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  • ForumUser001ForumUser001 Posts: 6Member New User
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    Found the solution was to apply language changes to "Welcome screen and new user account settings", because after Windows 10 setup, it seems that the undesired "English (Canada) US Keyboard" was still being used elsewhere in Windows.

    Steps to apply solution, once you have already removed the unwanted input language from your "Languages" list:
    1. Open "Start Menu" (Windows keyboard key).
    2. Type "Control Panel" and hit Enter.
    3. Under "Clock, Language, and Region" select "Change input methods". (Or if you don't have the Categories in Control Panel, click the "Language" setting instead).
    4. Now in the sidebar, select "Advanced Settings".
    5. A "Region" window will pop-up. Go to the "Administrative" tab, and then click "Copy settings..." under "Welcome screen and new user accounts."
    6. Under "Copy your settings to:", make sure both of the select boxes are checked.
    7. Click "OK" in that window, and "Apply" in the previous window (if necessary).
    Now when you restart the computer, Windows will use the newly applied language settings, so it won't bring the undesired language back from the grave.

    The final result will look like this screenshot, where all languages for "Current user", "Welcome screen", and "New user accounts" match: //i.imgur.com/GUPOgs7.png


  • ForumUser001ForumUser001 Posts: 6Member New User
    I have taken a screenshot to illustrate the problem:

  • ven98ven98 Posts: 1,036Member Seasoned Specialist
    This is the defult language of the windows and every time you reinstall the os the keyboard language will be the same as the windows (defult) language.
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