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W700 Battery Replacement

bm23bm23 Posts: 3Member

    I've searched without success for video/guides on how to replace the battery in my aging W700. Battery life has dropped from 4-6 hours new to 1-2 hours presently. I have used it a ton the past 3 years and think the battery is just wearing out. Any help on this would be much appreciated!

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  • Hello,


    First this video shows how to open the tablet by removing the LCD panel:


  • bm23bm23 Posts: 3Member

            Hello - yes, i've seen videos about opening it up but not about what's involved in removing the battery. Also, would like to find an official Acer replacement battery.

  • RandyVRandyV Posts: 38Member Troubleshooter

    Have you tried calbrating the battery?  I believe the process is:


    1. Fully carge the battery
    2. Hold in the reset button on the left side
    3. Recharge the tablet without using it.  Plug it in, but don't turn it on.

    Once it's fully charged, boot up and see if your battery life is better.   My W700 started giving me kess than 2 hours of run time for no reason some months ago.  I recalibrated it based on information I found in the post linked below and my battery is now backto 3-4+ hours.


    Oriignal post is here:




    Worth a shot if you haven't tried it.  Good luck!





  • bm23bm23 Posts: 3Member

         I tried this as well but remains the same - web surfing on wifi (no video) from full 100% charge gets me 2 hours and 10 minutes with 10% battery remaining where i used to get 5-6 hours when i got it new.


        If all i need to do is unplug a clip (not soldered to motherboard) and not need to remove other parts (such as the motherboard) to pull the old battery out, then it shouldn't be difficult . Was hoping someone had done it and could enlighten me on the proper procediature.

  • RandyVRandyV Posts: 38Member Troubleshooter

    Here's another disassembly video from an old post here on the forums:




    Not much detail in the video but it's better than nothing. 


    I looked up a replacement W700 battery online and it shows a 10-wire connector -- so based on that I would assume it's not soldered.


    Here is an old post from the commuinity about someone who got in to their machine to replace the msata drive.  They discuss the process in basic terms:




    Good luck!

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