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acer aspire v nitro VN7-792G microphone bad sound

Hi, I am experiencing problems with microphone. When I try to use my Voice Recorder I can hear that my voice is distorted. The same with skype people hear me distorted, can you please advice what do I need to check to troubleshoot this problem?

Windows 10 Home 64x, microphone driver detailes:


Microphone Driver Details.jpg


Microphone Driver Details2.jpg


FAQ & Answers

  • Hi,

    Could you please try the driver version from Acer support:https://www.acer.com/ac/en/GB/content/support-product/6404?b=1

  • valerianzvalerianz Posts: 5Member

    A problem is that Acer's drivers not working with my microphone (even when I disable Intel driver), and it uses Intel Smart Sound Technology driver which doesn't work properly. Maybe I should do some extra action?

    I tried to reinstall drivers from location that you suggested, but nothing changed, there is a screenshot

    Microphone Settings.jpg

  • Hi,

    Could you be able to switch to Realtek High Definition Microphone from Intel's Microphone, worth a try. I have also noticed that it's disabled, what happens when you click Properties and enable it?

  • valerianzvalerianz Posts: 5Member

    Hi, it is written that it is not plugged in, not that it is disabled. Intel driver is disabled, but even if I enable it, it works badly, my voice is distrorted.

  • Hi,

    Go to Device manager, expand Audio Inputs and outputs, check whether the driver is installed, even if it's installed, uninstall it reboot, try installing again.

    Have you opened the laptop for any upgrade? If you have, there may be a loose connection of cables.

  • valerianzvalerianz Posts: 5Member

    Hi, I already tried to re-install and check for updates too, it doesn't help.

    Although I did replace my screen recently and they could damage my microphone Smiley Sad

  • Hi,

    Yes, you need to check that there are no loose connection and the the cables are inserted securely, mainly speaker and camera cables.

  • jvlyajvlya Posts: 1Member

    Hey I have the exact same problem as you, it all happens after I reinstalled my audio driver and nothing helped till now Smiley Sad  and I think my internal microphone isn't broken because I have the same problem with my headset. Are there any other tipps?

  • TiaTia Posts: 4Member

    Any news? I have the same issue and I am sure that the problem is due to the fact that the internal microphone uses Intel instead of Realtek. Anyone knows how to fix?

  • Hi,

    Go to Sounds, Recording, highlight Microphone and select Properties, go to Enhancements tab, check "Disable all sound effects" and see whether it fixes the problem.


  • valerianzvalerianz Posts: 5Member

    Hi, thanks for suggestion. Just tried it, and it didn't help in my case...

  • SnoobSnoob Posts: 1Member

    Hi have the same problem, it came back with creator's update. In the past I solved it with a bit of luck, installing multiple times latest drivers and these one: Audio_Realtek_8.20.0.776_W10x64

    Try to install with wifi turned off, maybe it can help.

    Now i fixed it, but got a bsod, and then the problem came back, and no dmp file for debugging, it sucks. Going back to work

  • JasminJasmin Posts: 1Member

    I have also the same problem with my VN7-572G-52AV  
    It all started after I reinstalled Windows 10 using Windows update tool. I tried to fix it with reinstalling once again using tool provided in Acer Care center but with no success. Reinstalling drivers I tried few times already also without success Smiley Sad Someone found solution already? 

  • WhalefogWhalefog Posts: 3Member
    Any solution? I have a similar issue on my vn-572TG-775T
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