aspire E 15 defective. Replacement defective also!

After researching what would be the best laptop for me that I could afford, I bought an Aspire E 15. The computer had factory defects that required me to send it back for a replacement. Now, I have to send THAT computer in to be repaired/replaced. This makes 2 of 2 defective! Where is Acer's quality control? Not only am I needing to send the computer back (the second time to do this) and wait up to an estimated 10 business days for it to be returned, I spent a number of hours determining there WAS a factory defect that couldn't be fixed from home. This is not to mention the frustration of having my computer shut down while I was in the middle of something and losing my work and then waiting for it to very slowly reboot. Acer, did you just make a deal to build these computers really cheap or did you design them this way?

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  • gmagma Member Posts: 4

    Ahhh! It just shut down as I was trying to print a return shipping label! I think something is loose inside. Quality?


  • Acer-JoseAcer-Jose Administrator Posts: 1,371 Community Administrator

    Hello @gma,


    We're sorry for the inconvenience; this is not the experience we want our customers to have with their products.  Please PM me the Case ID and I'll look into this to see how we can assist you.

  • gmagma Member Posts: 4


    Have you found out anything related to my computer? I've heard nothing except that my computer was received.


  • gmagma Member Posts: 4

    Acer- Jose

    Sorry to needing to contact you again with continued poor performance from acer. I spoke with the person you gave my case to and he finally sent me an overnight shipping label to return my laptop for the second time. I received notice that my computer had been received on February 8, 2017. It is now February 20th, 2017 and that is all the informationI've been able to get. It has been received. I will add that I included a note voicing my frustration with both the quality of the product and the careless manner in which the service staff treated my problem. (all they did was reload the OS. They didn't address the issues I was having.) The new service number is: 4******U.



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  • Acer-JoseAcer-Jose Administrator Posts: 1,371 Community Administrator

    Hello @gma,


    I'm very sorry for the delays.  I have taken the Case ID and I'll look into this for you.

  • dougcdougc Member Posts: 82 Enthusiast

    Did owner/OP  finally get a fixed or new unit ?



  • MornickMornick Member Posts: 1 New User
    i bought an acer aspire 3 A315-53-389V last December 2019, i use it for 2 months for school. after 3 months of using it. the device cannot be open using power button but working using any keys, and when you stop pressing any button, the machine shutdown. it is still under warranty so i was planning to send it back to the store and ask if i can change the product into other machine, could it be possible? i'm very dissapointed about how acer build such a machine like this.  
  • credorachelleanne26credorachelleanne26 Member Posts: 1 New User

    Hi need assistance with my device I just bought this yesterday and it seems there are times that it is not respinding even to window start up is not responding.

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