Acer Aspire V5-122P-0679 freezes on Windows 10 1607

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I have an Acer Aspire V5-122P-0679 laptop that has served me well for a few years.  When Windows 10 first came out and updated and everything ran great.  With update 1607, the system started freezing and became unusable.  It has all the latest updates (KB3197954).  I went back to the previous build (I believe 1511) and sure enough, windows 10 updated itself to back to 1607 (KB3197954).  I believe I saw the freeze issue with 1511.  When I booted in safe-mode, the system ran well and I saw no freezing.  I backed up my data and then did a restore (once saving the data and then the second time with disk cleansing install).  


With the clean install, I see the freezing happening even before major configuration, application installation or data restore.


With a fresh reboot...  Looking in Task Manager, no application started and sitting for some time, the CPU is running consistently at +35% with the System process running at +31.5%.  This appears to be consistent after multiple reboots and over long periods of time.


All data/OS is stored on a single C:\ drive.


Common situations when I see the freezing include but are not limited to:

  • working with Settings
  • loading task manager
  • displaying windows notifications pop ups (systems recovers when these windows go away)

My son has a Acer Aspire V5-122P as well that is seeing the same issue. 


Most of the post I read talk about this being resolved in some of the recent minor updates.  That doesn't seem to be the case for me/us.  I would hate to regress back to Windows 7.  Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



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    If you haven't already done it, download MB free and do a full scan, it could be infected, you can also check in task manager, which processes are running while in high uasage of CPU.


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    This is the graphics card driver problem for win10. If you uninstall the graphics driver or disable the graphics card the problem goes away. However when the dirver downloads itself again the problem will reoccur.

    We really need Acer to provide a patch of some kind ASAP as this makes the laptop unuseable.

  • If it's the driver problem, roll back to the previous driver in Device Manager, then stop Windows installing the drivers automatically, scroll down to "Disable Automatic Download of drivers from Windows Update" section in this link:

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    I did this and it solved the problem.  Thank you for your help.


    Is it Acer or AMD that needs to solve this problem?

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    May I ask what driver you rolled back to that solved the problem?  Could you provide version numbers?  


    My my wife and I both have Aspire V5-122p laptops, until a month ago they were absolutely great.  I loved the features of the touchscreen and the compactness. But when they both auto updated to Win 10 ver1607 they have been absolutely worthless.  I would toss them but I know all the hardware works it is just a software/driver problem.  


    Any info  of you can provide will help.  

    Thanks, Chemguy

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    Hi chemguy

    same thing happened to my Aspire v5-122P-0643 after updating W 10 1607.

    I followed the directions on the site reference above and uninstalled the driver for the AMD Radeon HD 8250 that had been installed on 10/28/16. That seems to have resolved the problem. I'm pretty unsophisticated re how a computer works so if I can make this work others probably can too.

    Good luck!


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    Read the whole of this post before taking any action.


    I was getting this problem as detailed in the link



    so I updated the BIOS which I did 1 update at a time as it wouldn't go straight to the latest. I then tried to install the latest driver and still had the same problem (slow boot and cpu usage high when doing nothing). I then tried doing what was recommended in this link



    Amazingly when there was no AMD displayed in display adapters the system acted as it should except it wouldn't play my daughters games.


    I then sent an email to acer support


    My daughter was complaining of her compurt crashing with a blue screen. After some investigation, I updated the BIOS to the latest version and reinstalled the latest display driver from the AMD website. This didn't cure the problem and I also founf the boot up process very slow and the CPU running at above 30% (task "system") when nothing was running. I deleted the display driver s that it ran on the basic microsoft adapter and it boots quickly and runs at less than 5% cpu. This was no good as my daughters games would not run. I then tried installing the windows 8 version, v13.152.1.3000 from your website with the description "VGA Driver". This would not work (probably because I am on windows 10) so I updated the driver to the latest version and all the original problems returned. It now takes about a minute from switching on to get to the log on screen, then a few minutes from entering the logon before getting to the completed desktop and no timer around the mouse pointer. What I would like is either an early windows 10 driver, or an update to the latest driver to resolve these problems. I think there is probably a memory corruption occurring as if I set my virus scan to a full system scan and leave it running overnight, I either find that the computer has rebooted, or it is hanging and the scan has stopped!

    I can't think of anything else to do to try to resolve the problem.



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    I knew that the problem was software related and that the computer did not need a "repair" and I believe that acer support knew this too. Anyway I dug deeper and found that the version of the driver I needed was 15.200.1060.0. I googled this and found the driver on the acer website, but not under the aspire V5-122P as that was only supplied with windows 8.1, but on the section for the aspire E5-521



    I downloaded this and installed it and everything worked as it should.


    So this is what I did which worked for me but dont blame me if it doesn't for you!




    Update the BIOS to the latest on V5-122P section on Acer website (I don't think this is necessary)


    Go into control panel/Hardware and Sound/Device Manager/ double click Display adapters right click AMD RADEON HD 8250 and click uninstall


    Go into control panel/Programs and uninstall everything starting AMD


    Run the Display Driver Uninstaller as downloaded from (use reboot in safe mode option).


    Install the VGA driver from;-;Aspire%20E5-521 (version 15.200.1060.0)


    Go into control panel/System and Security/System/Advanced system settings/Hardware/Device Instalation Settings and change the "Do you want to automatically download manufacturers' apps and custom icons that are available for your devices?" to No (to stop the driver being overwritten by a later version).


    I hope this will help others

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    Hi.  All I did was to disable the vidoe driver in Device Manager and then restarted the machine.  I hope this helps.


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    Disabling the AMD Display Adapter driver under device driver makes the system default to Microsoft Basic Adapter which means the computer does not have the same graphics capabilities and won't run some games. Also you may find that when the computer does its next automatic update, your AMD Driver will be re-enabled. For those who are not bothered about the graphics, your solution will suffice.

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    Thank you so much Graham_Anderson!! This Worked!!! After almost 6 weeks of trouble and endless hours of chats with Microsoft this worked and all the problems are solved.


    I had to clean install Win 10 again because the ver driver was entrenched in Win 10 that even the Driver Uninstall Utility could not get it out.  But after reinstalling Windows I ran the driver from the Aspire E5-521 and it works.  My computer is usable, fast adn the video output works once again.  Good as new and I also have Win 10 Anninversary Edition.  Is there a way to tell Acer to update the driver to ver15.200.1060 on their page so other people are not falling into the same trap? 


    Thanks again.


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    I'm glad you found my post useful and it cured your problem. It certainly makes me feel that the effort involved putting my post on this forum was worthwhile.


    I don't know if there is any way to get acer to put the windows 10 drivers on their support page for the V5-122P. It would obviously be useful as I'm sure the majority of owners will have installed the free upgrade to windows 10.


    This really is not the problem though. When AMD issue new versions of the driver, they should make sure that it works on all the devices the previous version worked on. Then we could allow windows automatic update to always update our drivers without any fear of causing problems.


    I spent a good couple of days sorting out this problem, which wasn't helped by the slow boot up and slow responses when the rogue driver was active. The most annoying thing is that when I get a problem, I think what have I done to cause it, but in this case the answer was nothing as it was all done without me being aware.


    I'm pleased that I was able to help. I'm sure there are many out there who would think that their computer had come to the end of it's useful life and replaced it.



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    Hi, I had a similar problem, after a Windows 10 update, and reset Windows 10 to no availe. So I downloaded the VGA driver from the Acer Support page for the Aspire V5-122P. When reinstalling I noticed that the driver required to download and install an earlier version of the C++ redistributable and therefore speculate that the update to Windows 10 had in some way deleted the version required by the driver.



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    Ajalon, Try the driver from the Acer Aspire E5-521.  This is the updated driver for Win 10.  Also, right click onthe start menu an click System.  Then click Advanced System Settings.  Got to Hardware tab.  And click Hardware Installation options and turn off the automatic updates. 

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    I've got the V5-122P 42154G50nss and the same problem like all of you. 

    I want to try the driver from the E5-521 but my pc has got the AMD Radeon HD 8210, is it ok ?

    I think there is many version of the V5-122P with not same graphics card ..


    (sorry for my english, i'm from France and I don't found topic with that problem in french...) 

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    From what I know that the HD8210 is in the same family of drivers as the HD8250.  So the solution should be the same.  I think it should work for you also.  So go ahead and use theE5-521 driver.



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    Thanks Graham,

    This sloved it for me, after ages of researching the prroblem and running tests on my system. The driver you suggested indeed works. However in my case disabeling the automatic driver update has no effect unfortunately (a problem many windows 10 users seem to have). Now to find out how to keep it from updating automatically.


    There is a tool provided by MS to troubleshoot updates problems by hiding specific ones. You will find it towards the end of this page:

    I have not yet had time to try it though.

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    Graham's information absolutely fixed my Acer Aspire V5-122P-0869. I followed all of those steps and those links and performed each step.  You can not simply roll back to the previous "15" driver.  I tried that first but all I got was a constant flickering screen.  Thank you Graham for your great post!! Warm regards, Rob Allen in Thailand. :-)

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    Using the driver definitely helped me.  I was getting by with MS's basic driver, but it didn't really handle watching videos or streaming.


    I was booting to Linux via USB, and watching videos on that.  However, certain premium sites e.g. Sky Sports, wouldn't handle the registration process.


    Tom Watson

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    Is there any newer driver from AMD which fixes the problem?


    There are some reports that these work:


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    Hay everyone 
    latest driver works perfectly, since atomatically update was off no new driver was updated since dec. 2016, today i tried original driver from acer (ACER WEBSITE)

    it works perfectly,