Acer aspire v3 boot data missing


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  • Error404Error404 Member Posts: 15
  • Error404Error404 Member Posts: 15
    All the drivers are showing again when I went to do the install of windows
  • Error404Error404 Member Posts: 15
    Including the recovery one
  • KojiMonKojiMon Member Posts: 1
    I have the blue screen also.
    I cant install windows because
    "Boot configuration data is missing or contains errors"

    When pessing alt and f10 it says preparing to repair disk errors (or something to that affect) and it stays like that with the little stars spinning just like the mictosoft peoples heads would if i could get ahold of them. I let it spin and spin, 24 hrs now gor the 4th try.

    Ever since the April Ein 10 update.
    Did you ever find out ehere, how, what and why you can do, get and or flash boot config data to fix your p.o.s. ACER PRODUCT?
    I YHINK I'LL JUST GO BUY AN ASUS LAPTOP, THEY ArE SCREAMING FAST compared to my snail Acer aspire i3.
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