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My new Acer Aspire types numbers instead of letters. The num lock is off.

I have a new Acer Aspire R. It will suddenly type numbers instead of letters (all keys). The num lock is off. I can fix it for awhile by turning tablet mode on and then off again. But later will randomly start typing numbers again. Very annoying.  Sometimes the tablet mode doesn't work and I need to reboot. 

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  • scramblerscrambler Posts: 126Member

    Did you check if it is always exactly the same numbers for each letters, or is it random?


    If random, you may have a dying keyboard. A good test for that, is to get hold of a USB keyboard. then next time you have the issue, go in the device Manager, deactivate your keyboard, then connect the USB keyboard, and see if that works fine. If it does, then it points to your keyboard going bad


    One thing that could not hurt, is to open the device manager, and uninstall the keyboard, then reboot so its driver is reinstalled.



  • jcarmeinjcarmein Posts: 2Member

    Thanks for the reply. I tried it, but it didn't work, so I took the computer back to Best Buy. Turns out that a privacy program that I had on the computer (one that codes keystrokes) was not compatible. We uninstalled it and all is well. 

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