v3 371 keyboard malfunctioning

Hi guys,


I own an Acer V3-371 HV laptop since 1.5 years now. I am very satisfied with the product, but last night the keyboard stopped working properly, parts of the keys are broken: w r t u o p x backspace del 1 4 6 8 0 ~ = ] ' win and fn.

A while ago I upgraded the ram from 4 to 8 GB, and replaced the thermal paste (since temperatures were rising), so I know how to open the laptop. I first thought that maybe the connecting plastic cable from the keyboard to the motherboard might be damaged, so I opened the laptop, but I could not see any damage on the connector. I also couldn't see any other damage to the keyboard and elsewhere inside the laptop. Does anyone have an idea what may have caused the malfunction of these keys? And how I can solve this issue?

I prefer fixing it myself, rather than sending the laptop in, because I need it for work, and since I opened the laptop myself already (for upgrading ram and thermal paste), I am afraid Acer will not apply warranty, leading to a high repair bill.

I found a replacement top cover on ebay, because I think it will be impossible to separate the keyboard from the cover, since it is 'welded' on with plastic dots. But before buying that I would like to know for sure that that part is broken, not something else. Is there any way I can test this?


Thanks in advance for your time/effort!

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  • laurent_14laurent_14 ACE Posts: 9,891 Trailblazer



    Have you tried this:


    1. Shut down your laptop

    2. Disconnect the AC adapter

    3. Wait few minutes

    4. Follow this procedure

    Note: The battery reset pinhole is marked with this symbol AC-BRP on the bottom of the laptop.

  • rolandtorensmarolandtorensma Member Posts: 3

    Hi Laurent,


    Thank you for your suggestion. I tried it but it didn't seam to change anything, the keys still don't work.

    I also should mention that an external usb keyboard works fine, that is what I am using for now.

  • laurent_14laurent_14 ACE Posts: 9,891 Trailblazer



    1. Have you loaded the default settings in the bios setup utility and save & exit?
    2. Do you have the lastest bios version?
    3. Is your keyboard (German version)?
  • rolandtorensmarolandtorensma Member Posts: 3



    1. I tried entering the bios menu while booting the laptop, but pressing f2 didn't work (on external and laptop keyboard).

    2. I updated the BIOS from 1.15 to 1.29, but I observed no changes in keyboard malfunctioning.

    3. I have the international qwerty version, I live in the Netherlands.

  • amir_hzamir_hz Member Posts: 1

    This is an old thread, I also experienced the same thing, but it may be helpful to others.


    (This only happens in windows OS only, does not happen in linux. There seems to be a problem in the touchpad/keyboard driver)

    What I do is go into the BIOS and change the touchpad option from advanced to basic.
    go back to Windows, and keyboard works again

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