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Acer Aspire E15 E5-575G-53VG No Keyboard Backlight!

ravadoxravadox Posts: 1Member New User
edited February 2018 in Aspire, E and F Series Laptops

Hello, Ive recently purchased an Acer Aspire E 15, 15.6 Full HD, Intel Core i5, NVIDIA 940MX, 8GB DDR4, 256GB SSD, Windows 10, E5-575G-53VG from amazon. The keyboard shortcut Function + F9 is not doing anything and I cannot get the backlight on the keyboard to come on. Ive checked and all the drivers are recent and I just updated the BIOS to the newest as well. I cannot get the backlit keyboard to function. Please help, I am about to send this thing back before my 30 day warranty is over. I am all out of Ideas...


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  • Ryan9Ryan9 Posts: 1Member

    I am in the same position as you after buying the laptop from Amazon.  After talking with Acer chat, they have told me that there is no backlight on the model, even though the amazon product description includes a backlit keyboard and there are pictures of the laptop with backlit keyboard in the reviews.  I do not know what to do about the laptop.

  • Acer-MaryAcer-Mary Posts: 871Acer Crew

    Acer Crew

    We have verified this model does ship with a backlit keyboard. What operating system are you running on this system? Have you removed any Acer software programs or utilities?

  • NJHitmenNJHitmen Posts: 1Member

    Hi - I'm having the same issue. Same model, Fn-F9 does nothing. Haven't uninstalled any Acer programs/utilities.


    The keyboard backlight was literally the first thing I tried after completing Win10 setup, but no luck. Please help, the backlit keyboard is one of the reasons I chose this model!

  • Paan-SuperbPaan-Superb Posts: 1Member
    So have anyone figured out how to turn on the acer e5-575g backlit keyboard?
  • anacrustanacrust Posts: 1Member

    My keyboard backlight worked for a few days and then I noticed that it started working less and less till not it didn't work at all after a week or 2. I have a feeling that the light/sensor or whatever is simply ***. If that's the case, ACER customer service is probably backtracking on the backlit keyboard to get out of replacements for what they consider "not a big deal".


    [inappropriate content removed]

  • pna211pna211 Posts: 1Member

    I just bought this model today, and I'm having the same problem with the backlight.  Any help would be appreciated.

  • grodrigrodri Posts: 1Member

    Has this issue been resolved?  I just recently bought  this laptop on Friday. It worked for the first few days then it stopped working.

  • kcarlsn2kcarlsn2 Posts: 1Member

    I am having the exact same issue also. The backlight worked for a couple of weeks and no longer turns on, and it is clearly a hardware issue as sometimes it will turn on when my hands rest near the mousepad. I hope this can be resolved, as the backlight was one of the reasons I bought this computer.

  • Acer-JoseAcer-Jose Posts: 807Administrator Community Administrator

    If the Fn + F9 key combination is not enabling the backlit keyboard, it is possible that it is a hardware issue.  Please contact your local Support organization to set up the unit for repair.  For those of you in the US and Canada, please send me a PM with the S/N and I can assist you with the process.

  • Arcl3nArcl3n Posts: 1Member

    Thanks Jose, I tried to private message you, but it was giving me an error message so forgive my post.  I'm having an issue where the keyboard backlight flickers on and off when any pressure is applied to the bottom of my laptop (even just sitting on my lap or when i pick it up.)  Also...unrelated (or maybe related) the audio is having a major problem (intermittently) where on any sort of video or audio playback it will start making a very loud "screaming/grinding/electric" noise (hard to describe, just loud like a speaker malfunction) it seems to be effected by touching any keys when it is happening but it goes for quite some time then stops. I've noticed it mostly when headphones are plugged in, but it has happened without, and only happens sometimes. Usually when watching a video or listening to spotify, but not every time. What should my course of action be to seeing about getting it fixed. It definitely seems to be a hardware issue, and not caused by any sort of physical damage to the device as it's brand new. Thanks for your help!

  • Acer-JoseAcer-Jose Posts: 807Administrator Community Administrator

    Hi Arcl3n,


    I'm sorry about that.  The forums prevent users with no posts from sending PMs, it is part of the spambot prevention system.  You should be able to send a PM now that you have made your first post.  Also, you can try upgrading the Realtek Audio driver for the sound issues, but once it is received in for service all components are tested.

  • TheReclaimerTheReclaimer Posts: 1Member

    Hey Joe, just found your post about no keyboard backlight.  Going to be sending you a pm now.  Thanks

  • carleycarley Posts: 1Member

    I just purchased this today and there is no backlighting to the keyboard as it is promised. What is going on?

  • Hi,

    Follow Acer-Jose's advice on the previous page.

  • frankieg99frankieg99 Posts: 2Member

    Thanks Jose, I tried also to send you a message (failed, didn't know I needed to post first), tried to log in (failed, didn't know I needed to register first - I thought that for registering my product which I had already done).  So here I am several hours later with the same ACER Model and Same old problem "Acer Aspire E15 E5-575G-53VG No Keyboard Backlight!".  I purchased 21Sep16.  Backlighted worked from day one with Fn+AltF9 until Fri 16Dec16.  I was typing or something my left hand brushed accross the upper left corner of the Touchpad or the Alt key or the space bar and the Back Light went out and I have not been able to turn it back on since.  Help!  Oh, this may be important, when the E5 was new the backlight stayed on for 30 secs (I hated it - see below).  Towards the end of the Backlighted era they only staying on ~5 secs if I didn't continue typing.


    I know you can't fix this issue but I need to 'vent' now that I can post:

    • One of my 'must haves' when I shopped for my new Laptop was backlighted keys - love to work in the dark.  I hate to try and find a key to touch in the dark to revive the Backlight, that doesn't affect what I am typing - the shift key works if I can find it in the dark.
    • The ACER E5 had Backlightedn keys as advertised, but little did know that all backlighted keys are not created equal - my little mind CANNOT comprehend my any manufacturer would EVER design a system that shut off Backlighted Keys in 30 secs and then to really stick to us, have no way to change it.  It is just such an arrogrant approch to Power Management that, that, that - just can't comprend it
    • It is not something that is described in any literature a potential Customer would find / read before purchase. It isn't mentioned in the Manual I downloaded this morning
    • I came very close to returning the laptop...  should have but don't know what I would have replaced it with.
    • It's not like it's a big deal to include a way to adjust it - or just let the User decide when to turn it ON and OFF!  Arrogrant!
    • You might say I HATE this feture and because of it, my whole ACER experience is flushing down the toliet...

    Again - nothing to do with you Jose - not personal at all.  Just frustrated - something that should be SO SIMPLE.

  • ZillypaulZillypaul Posts: 5Member

    how do i turn on my keyboardvbacklight. ive tried everything and i dont think mine even has one?!! Aspire e5-575t-58wh . please help, this is brand new and i only have 14 days to return it, if i choose

  • Acer-MaryAcer-Mary Posts: 871Acer Crew

    Acer Crew

    The E5-575T-58WH model does not have a backlit keyboard; hope this clarifies.

  • ZillypaulZillypaul Posts: 5Member

    thank you Mary, perhaps the product page scould be changed to reflect the avctual specs...

  • Acer-MaryAcer-Mary Posts: 871Acer Crew

    Acer Crew

    No problem- can you send the link where you see a discrepancy with the specs? That way we can forward this to the appropriate team to check it out.

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