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No Sound from X34 Speakers - but headphones work

PRatPRat Posts: 3Member

Have an XBox One on HDMI, Windows 10 PC with GTX970 on DP.


I get absolutely no sound through the speakers when on either input, but if I plug the headphones into the jack on the back, I'm able to get sound. I've tried turning off and on the X34, unplugging it, using the "Reset" functionality. "DTS" shows as greyed out in the OSD. If I unplug DP, it lets me "Enable" it, but when I plug in DP again, it shows as disabled.


It almost seems like it is not detecting when headphones are unplugged - I feel like I had sound from the speakers when I first set it up yesterday (purchased last week). 


Any thoughts? Sucks that in day 2 I don't have speakers.

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  • PRatPRat Posts: 3Member

    In case anyone was curious, Acer support has literally no idea how to resolve this. They told me to use the nonexistent AUX port and then asked me to send it in for warranty support. No other diagnostics.



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  • VandragoraxVandragorax Posts: 124Member

    The speaker in the X34 is pathetic anyway.  The sound comes out of the back of the monitor, so bounces off the wall and sounds awful.  You're going to be way better off getting even a cheap pair of speakers to accompany it along with your headphones, or even one of those sound bars which can be pretty good.  I know this is not a resolution to your issue, but you'll be disappointed in the sound quality anyway even if you do get it working Smiley Wink


    The only thing I can suggest is perhaps having the DP and the HDMI connected at the same time is causing it to not register when a sound input is available.  Have you tried it with just one or the other at a time?


    Also stupid question, but have you checked the volume level on the OSD?  Is it set at the default (70 I think) or has it somehow set itself to be 0 volume?

  • SpeckingSpecking Posts: 1Member

    Hi there too,


    I got exactly the same problem as you. Sound worked when I installed the monitor, but now I only can use the sound when i plug in my headset into the monitor. So the sound is forwarded but never plays onto the intern speakers when nothing is plugged in. I cannot even turn DTS on. Seems like the monitor is always thinking that somethin is plugged in. Have you already a fix for this?

  • RacingRayRacingRay Posts: 1Member New User
    I have just the opposite problem, speakers work but no headphone, any ideas?
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