Fctory restore cd does not work E1-571-6680.

mysaes_jgo Member Posts: 1 New User
I have a problem with the restoration CD I bough.
I have an Acer Aspire E1-571-6680.
Some days ago my system fail and I restore the operation system but keep failing one day the restore partition did not work and I was unable to restore the operation system , so I decided to try another operation system and I delete all partitions and load another OS.
Now I decided to restore my computer to the operation original has so I bought this CD.

But When I try to restore the operation system using the CD I have these problems.

1) The system open the cd but when I put both options "restore operation system to factory defaults" I got the error "Please boot this recovery disc using Legacy Bios" Show error on attach image "20160429_204756"
2) So I go to the bios and change the boot to "Legacy Bios" .
3) When I start the cd I go the error "The recovery disc can be used only on "UEFI" mode.  Attach graphic  "20160429_204330"
I also restore the bios to the default mode and did not change.
Nothing on the hardware has change on my computer, still having same HD as come from factory.
Please see the pictures attach to understand the problem