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Acer Aspire ES1-311-c4q6 with critical low battery message


my friend laptop which is a Acer Aspire ES1-311-c4q6 comes up with the messsage critical low battery message.

the current battery is AC14B18J (31CP5/57/80)


Does that mean it needs a new battery?


what causing this problem?


is there a way to run it without a batterry?(i tried removing the battery nothing with connected to PSU)

just want to confirm putting a new battery in will fix it , it a lot too spend £45+shipping from batteries-mail.co.uk ?





it out of warranty friend brought it recon about a year ago off ebay had no other problems with it.



FAQ & Answers

  • laurent_14laurent_14 Posts: 6,660ACE Pathfinder



    Try this procedure and after charge the battery with the laptop shut down:


    1. Shut down your laptop

    2. Disconnect the AC adapter

    3. Wait few minutes

    4. Follow this procedure

    Note: The battery reset pinhole is marked with this symbol AC-BRP on the bottom of the laptop.

  • crofty1975crofty1975 Posts: 4Member

    i have tried this and even took the cmos battery out too see if just bios setting corrupted and with no joy. very strange. how does the battery get so discharged that it will not let the laptop run with being plugged into ac.

  • crofty1975crofty1975 Posts: 4Member

    does a flashing red light mean it charging or is that error colour?

  • crofty1975crofty1975 Posts: 4Member

    just to make clear (sorry bad english - dyselixa) - i forgotten to mention that the message about critical low battery appears and then the laptop switch off and the red light flashing. No charging.


  • laurent_14laurent_14 Posts: 6,660ACE Pathfinder

    Your english is certainly better than mine.Smiley Happy


    The message about critical low battery appears and then the laptop switch off and the red light flashing. No charging.

    1. Power indicator blinking amber: The computer is in power-saving mode.
    2. Battery indicator blinking amber: The battery is charging.

    Which indicator blinks?

    Do you straighten lightly the contact springs of the DC-IN connector?

  • CarlixCarlix Posts: 1Member

    Hi, I had the same warning.. After doing the procedure of resetting battery in the back the led lights do not turn on. What can I do to fix it?

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