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Acer predator 6 official release

ChillerChiller Posts: 14Member
edited February 2018 in Predator Tablets
When does the acer predator 6 smartphone be for sale?
I am waiting on it, such A Nice speciale phone,
I whant A Better one then my edge+ I have now.

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  • Acer-CoryAcer-Cory Posts: 1,450Acer Crew

    Acer Crew

    I gotta provide a bit of a disclaimer here... Smiley Happy


    This informaiton is subject to change and isn't final, but I've been told that the goal is early summer.


    Hope this helps,

  • ChillerChiller Posts: 14Member
    Nnnoooooooo, still so long ?

    Any change to be A beta tester?
  • doshiujjwaldoshiujjwal Posts: 4Member

    I guess some where around March. No official word yet. Waiting eagerly. 

  • ChillerChiller Posts: 14Member
    I am stil waiting ????
  • ChillerChiller Posts: 14Member
    Any update?
  • doshiujjwaldoshiujjwal Posts: 4Member

    No updates. Still waiting for the official news.

  • gragongragon Posts: 1Member

    Can you guys at least give us an estimate date. We are impatient... 

  • doshiujjwaldoshiujjwal Posts: 4Member

    Acer is now planning to release a new gaming-oriented smartphone, which will apparently see the light of day sometime in the fourth quarter of the year at the latest. Reportedly, the smartphone will support Acer’s cloud services, and will be released along with a price tag of US$499-599.

    Source: Android Headlines

  • Broken_LegBroken_Leg Posts: 1Member

    yo, im so hyped about this

  • ChillerChiller Posts: 14Member
    And we are now in the 4th quarter of this year.
    When will be this phone for sale to the public?
    I am waiting for it
  • doshiujjwaldoshiujjwal Posts: 4Member

    Lol. The phone is never gonna release. It was just a concept, which the company failed to convert into a commercial product.

  • ChillerChiller Posts: 14Member

    where did you read that ?

  • WhistlingDixieWhistlingDixie Posts: 4Member

    It's pretty obvious at this point. It's now been a full year since Acer first announced this phone, and they have since all but completely ignored it. If it was going to release by the end of Q4, they would have a date by now and should have announced it.


    This phone is vaporware. If you're like me and have been waiting on it, do yourself a favor and just buy something else. No smartphone worth buying should take this long to bring to market.

  • Bradgriffin1Bradgriffin1 Posts: 1Member

    I really want to purchased 120 of the predator 6...I'm wondering now if the demo copy I saw during a Acer promo in the Bahamad was a hoax?

  • WhistlingDixieWhistlingDixie Posts: 4Member

    I don't think the phone was a hoax, but there was a lot of negative feedback on the aesthetics of the phone after it was shown. That tends to make me wonder why Acer went ahead and released the Predator 8 tablet with basically the same look to it. Probably why it isn't selling well. 

  • ChillerChiller Posts: 14Member

    I like the design very much, stands out of the rest, it needs an exgressive look, because it's a smartphone made for gaming

  • ChillerChiller Posts: 14Member
    Any news about the smartphone?
  • SteelSamurai80SteelSamurai80 Posts: 1Member

    Come on Acer, give us something. Is it still in production or are we wasting time waiting. 

    People obviously want this.

    And you don't want to be a clone of every other smart phone anyway. That is what sets you appart. Just hurry up and do it already, lol. 

    A music and games jugganaught with front facing decent speakers (x4?) Where can I pay?!? This is exactly what I was researching for when looking for an upgrade. 


    Now gimme gimme gimme. Smiley Very Happy


    ...a release date at least.

  • XinonixXinonix Posts: 1Member New User
    Hey , you might've already bought another phon but just in case other people bump into this and still really want a neat gaming phone, razer has now released their razer phone. Preorders start at 1 november 2017 and the full release is at the 17th it has an amazingly refresh rate of 120Hz and a 4000 MaH battery, dolby atmos for extreme sound quality and is THX certified. As you might know about razer products this phone has just like their laptops a nice matt back finish and silver razer logo ond the back, you have two 12mp cameras on the back and razer is going to give a software update later so you can shoot in slow motion and really put that 120hz screen to the test. For more info about it just visit their website. The razer phone is goin to ship for about 699$usd.

    Hope i helped anyone who really wants a portable gaming device like me. ☺
  • DM_47DM_47 Posts: 2Member New User
    Now it's 2018..   any updates for Acer Predator 6 ???

    Since waiting since 2016
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