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how do I reinstall Microsoft Office Starter on my laptop?

ChartwellChartwell Posts: 1Member
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Upgrading to Windows 10 has caused my Office Starter to malfunction.  It says the application virtualization client could not launch. dismounted due to a severe error.  I tried repairing but it wouldn't work.  I tried contacting Microsoft and they ran a troubleshooter which didn't work for my problem.  I tried changing file associations (which has worked before) but it hasn't worked this time with the latest win10 update.  I can't get into any of my Word or Excel files.  Help??

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  • IronFlyIronFly Posts: 18,415ACE Trailblazer



    Office Starter 2010 can install after performing a clean installation of Windows 10.  I initially got an error message from the installer.  Then I tried running the installer as administrator and it still got an error.  Windows 10 asked if I wanted to find a solution or some such thing and, it ended up asking if I wanted it to perform a test install.  I said yes and it installed.  When I tried to run it, I got a popup that said "this app can't run on your pc"  I was able to fix that by installing support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2598285  Then Word 2010 starter worked!  I can't remember all the steps exactly, but that might be enough to help.


    had the similar issue while installing Office Starter 2010 after Windows 10.


    I right-clicked on the installer and set the compatibility mode to Windows 7.  Then, the installer was finally able to finish without any issues except for a popup asking me to confirm that the installation succeeded.


    I had to install KB 2598285 after installing Office Starter 2010 too.

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  • JordanBJordanB Posts: 3,494ACE Pathfinder

    Try ironfly's suggestion first.  If you're desperate to get files.....try Office free to get files (and then backup your files!)



    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • acosta1acosta1 Posts: 1Member

    my Microsoft office is uninstall


  • padgettpadgett Posts: 4,017ACE Pathfinder

    Since I had my keys the easiest way was through a Microsoft Account.


    You can create a new account and use this method also.


    (always record all keys and keep in a safe place you will not forget.)





  • mefieldmefield Posts: 4Member New User
    I tried the Microsoft site with my key and all they do is direct you back to Acer saying it appears the software was installed as a package from the computer manufacturer. I haven't found anything on this site yet that's helped me get office 2010 back up and running. Just quit a couple days ago.
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