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R7-371T Windows 10 Synaptics Driver gives beeps

benbruensbenbruens Posts: 2Member

Due to some issues after the WIndows 10 Home upgrade I've done a clean install of Windows 10 on my R7-371T. Everything works perfect except for the touchpad. It works but every now and then it seems to be laggy and present me with beeps. Especially right after startup (probably caused by many things happening at the same time causing the lag). Not BIOS beeps, but through the normal audio channels. If I mute sound, the beeps are not heard. Are there more with this issue and have ideas to get rid of that?


The Windows 10 clean install is on completely emptied harddisk, all settings at default and after install I've installed each and every driver update as offered by Acer.


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  • cbielutcbielut Posts: 1Member

    I'm having a very similar issue with a R3-471T updated to Windows 10. Rapid movement of the cursor via the trackpad usually results in the cursor stuttering slightly and one or more beeps - beeps that come through the system audio (not a beep from the motherboard) - I can hear the beeping over headphones. The beep also changes volume per the volume set in Windows. I've disabled all sounds from Windows, so I'm pretty sure the beep isn't coming from Windows. The beep sound would seem to be similar to that highlighted in this video:




    ...at about 2:15. No real idea what game or circumstance the video's poster is dealing with, but I'm almost certain that is the same sound I'm hearing.


    If anyone reading this had any idea about what can be done to fix this annoying lag and beeping issue, I'd really appreciate you chiming in.


    Thanks, Chris


  • Kirill_sidKirill_sid Posts: 1Member

    Same problem for me. Cursor freezes slightly and PC beeps.

  • MAguln8839MAguln8839 Posts: 3Member

    My R3-471T does it too. I downloaded all the drivers from Acer website and installed them....Still happens.

    I even reset it to factory defaults and re-downloaded win 10. Problem still exists. Not a major issue, but annoying.

    Hopefully there will be a fix soon.

  • rjc362rjc362 Posts: 1Member

    +1 for this issue. Same machine (R7-371T). Same symptoms (cursor lag followed by beeps coming from speakers not motherboard), same timing (started happend only after i upgraded to Windows 10.) Only difference is that i did an upgrade instead of clean install (which doesn't appear to be a factor since OP did clean install. Anyone from Acer Support have any feedback? Do we need to post this somewhere else to get resolved?

  • scigonescigone Posts: 2Member

    I am also having the same issue and have tried everything with no luck.. This issue needs to be resolved asap....

  • FoxlifeFoxlife Posts: 2Member

    Exactly the same situation here - clean install of W10. On the synaptic driver (from Acer website) the issue was more frequent, after uninstalling it and being on Windows driver it is better but still occurring. Basically random lag during quick movement of the cursor, more often than not when drastic direction change is applied, following by this irritating beeeeeppp. Already reported to Acer support waiting for the feedback.

    I almost immediately upgraded to W10 so do not know if it was present on W 8.1.


  • ShendawgShendawg Posts: 4Member

    Thank god I have found this thread, having the exact same issue.

  • SamAZSamAZ Posts: 2Member

    Me too!

    Can someone from Acer please give us a heads up or something regarding this issue??



  • JadenzJadenz Posts: 3Member

    I was starting to think I was going nuts! Woman Frustrated



    I have had my Acer Aspire R 14 for 3 weeks now.

    The first week was before I upgraded to Windows 10. There was no freaking beeping!


    I would say within half an hour of the upgrade, (which was straightforward and painfree) it started....


    Starting to get a little peeved Acer....

  • FelekarFelekar Posts: 2Member New User

    I have an R3-431T, and am having the exact same issue. Right now I'm on the verge of reinstalling windows, but by the looks of it, others in here have done the same thing, to no effect.


    Is there any  ETA on a driver update to resolve this?

  • worcblueworcblue Posts: 3Member

    I've got the saame thing happening. Been possting in the Windows 10 forum about it.


    I have recently noticed the problem with the touchpad too but hadn't connected it with the beeps which was the first thing I noticed.


    Almost ready to switch back to Windows 8 if this continues for much longer, bad as that experience was.

  • alanrosealanrose Posts: 1Member

    First things first can Acer please acknowledge there is a problem and that they are working on it.

    I am seeing seeing the problem on several after threads. Clearly yAcer have a windows 10 mouse driver problem.

  • worcblueworcblue Posts: 3Member

    I would like to know from those who have recently upgraded to Windows 10 from an older operating system - is anyone thinking of reverting to the older system before the 29 August when the option to do so runs out? Do you think Acer is likely to provide a fix? I think 10 is a better system than 8, but the beeping is not something I am prepared to live with...

  • lddiaslddias Posts: 1Member

    Exact same problem. I tried both the Windows 8 and 10 drivers, still persists.

  • JadenzJadenz Posts: 3Member

    I have a windows 7 Acer that I have decided noot to update to Windows 10 until the beeps are sorted.

    Driving me absolutely crazy!


    Still thinking about reverting back to 8.1 but by the comments, it may be too late Cat Sad

  • jmlinder74jmlinder74 Posts: 3Member

    Exact same problem here as well on my Acer R7.  Both the mouse pad and screen scrolling lags at times and, when the mouse pad lags I hear the beep.  Combined with the terrible terrible keyboard, it's all a bit frustrating. 

  • axelz165axelz165 Posts: 1Member

    Any word on this yet? I have the same exact issue. it makes playing video games like league of legends completely impossible because the mouse will stutter and i'll walk in different directions. Not to point out that it's also completely annoying in general!

  • FoxlifeFoxlife Posts: 2Member

    Jus wanted to report - since thre is no Acer's feedback for a long time (if there was any) I have decided to go back to W8.1 and as I have expected all issues with which I were struggling on W10 have gone - no lag an beep from the touchpad, no wi-fi cnnectivity issues...Guess we have to wait for proper drivers before upgraiding to 10...

  • MocknozzieRiverMocknozzieRiver Posts: 9Member

    Same here.  I've mostly leared that it's a driver issue.  Probably just have to wait... :/  Glad I'm not the only one, though.

  • worcblueworcblue Posts: 3Member

    I've done the same, but for those who are thinking of switching back, be warned that there is an incessant notification to upgrade to Windows that you can't get rid without some hack. And every time you restart, your computer will automatically start the Windows 10 download and installation process. EXTREMELY annoying.

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