Aspire E1-571 - Windows 10

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Hi all,


Just wanted to share the following;


I installed Windows 10 (Pro, 64-bit) yesterday - all drivers seemed to install except the "Base System Device"


A fix for this was to goto Acer's Support page and download the Windows 8 64-bit "Card Reader Driver"


That sorted the issue out.


Just thought I'd let you all know.


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    How's that working for you now? I upgraded to W10 on my E1-571 but I couldn't get any network interfaces to work, and on investigation I found that the machine wasn't on Acer's list of supported W10 models, so I reverted back to W8.1 rather than waste any more time on it. I gather you didn't have any such problems?

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    Hi !
    I upgradet my e1-571 to w10. but it had network proplems but so did my 8.1.. I notise some pover issues the laptop didint work as fast. so 3 days i try to work this but didint find enything so i convertet it back 8.1. what did the Base System Device fix ?? 


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    Which drivers did you use? According to the Acer Window 10 driver upgrades web page the E1-571 is not supported.

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    I have an E1-571 which I upgraded from windows8 to windows10. The ethernet port was no longer recognized. Cheap way out is to install a USB to ethernet adapter for a few dollars and voila.

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    And all the above discussion topics is why I chose the name Getting Irritated for this forum.......
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    Have acer, or anyone else, released win 10 pro 64 bit network card drivers for E1-571 yet, or is still an issue.
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    @Nicl, you should start a new thread with questions, this one is from 2015! The network drivers are the same between Windows Home and Windows Pro.
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