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Aspire V5-571 - "Operating System Not Found"?


FAQ & Answers

  • ScottyCScottyC Posts: 433Member Practitioner
    I'm glad I was able to help some of you. I'm sorry to say that if my steps didn't correct the issue there is a more serious issue that would likely require the OS to be completely reinstalled. You would either need to order recover discs or set up a repair with Acer. Either way you can contact Acer by phone or even by chat or email if you like.

    I see that there is a lot of hate spreading around for Acer right now and I want to take a second to clear some things up. Number one being that yes this is a problem that is affecting a fairly large number of people, but to blame Acer is actually quite ridiculous. This problem is happening on HP systems as well as Asus and Dell. The fact of the matter is that Acer builds the machine and installs whatever OS is most popular at the time. This being said, Acer does not write the OS. Nor do they control updates, patches security risks and programming errors. They are completely at the mercy of Microsoft, as are all companies that use their operating system "hence almost all marks being affected". If a programming error caused this, even if Acer knows it, all they can do is help as best they can until Microsoft patches the flaw.

    Furthermore, there are a lot of people complaining about Windows 8 and are again blaming Acer and other manufacturers for installing it instead of Windows 7. Do you really think that Acer has a choice when Microsoft releases every operating system with a custom built contract designed to allow them to eventually replace that OS with a newer one? If Microsoft wants everyone to adopt their new system are they more likely to ask nicely or are they going to force the new OS onto every system that a manufacturer puts out with a Windows environment?

    In short, you really can't blame Acer just because it's logo is on the device.
  • awsmedawsmed Posts: 3Member

    Thank you, ScottyC. 


    I followed your instructions to "Refresh your PC" and the "Operating system not found" message is no longer appearing.  Although Refresh your PC does keep most of your files intact, be advised that it will remove some of your applications.  Below is the list of applications that were removed from my PC that I had to reinstall:


    Adobe Flash Player, Blackberry Desktop Software, Brother and Cannon Print drivers, CampanionLink, Microsoft SkyDrive, Microsoft Office 13, Firefox & Quicktime.


    So, although I had to spend about 90 minutes reloading all of these applications, I am grateful that this message is no longer appearing.   However, since the workaround seems to be just entering Ctrl-Alt-Del after the "Operating system not found" message appears,  I might recommend doing that until you have the time to reload your applications.






  • RedmooRedmoo Posts: 2Member
    Hi guys! Having big problems too. Acer v5-571 delivered today, used for 30mins, tried to restart but it couldn't reboot, just giving a flashing screen. Couldn't get to bios either. Managed to finally get recovery screen... Now resetting and hoping it works... or I'll be demanding a refund on Monday. Really not impressed so far!
  • gaegragaegra Posts: 2Member

    Thank you very much, ScottyC. 


    I too followed your instructions to "Refresh your PC" and finally the "Operating system not found" message is no longer appearing.  Here's the list of applications that were removed from my PC that I had to reinstall:


    Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Canon Print drivers, Microsoft Office 13, Firefox, & Quicktime.



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