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Acer Aspire v3-571g / Ability to control fan speed

Intel i5-2450M @2.50 GHz (Turbo to 3.1)


Nvidia GEFORCE GT 630M - 1GB

Windows 7 Home Premium


I have had this laptop for about a year now and ever since I bought it it has had major throttling issues while gaming. I have tried many ways to make it run cooler with no such luck (It runs at about 95*C when playing most games) . The fan never runs at 100%, only aboout 70% (from what I can hear) so I was wondering if their was a way I could control the fan in order to run it at 100%.


Thanks for any feedbackSmiley Happy

FAQ & Answers

  • JackEJackE Posts: 18,867ACE Trailblazer

    Your machine may or may not be fully compatible with an app call speedfan. You might download and try it as I've suggested elsewhere on this forum.




    Jack E/NJ

  • LeonardKLeonardK Posts: 14Member

    Same thing here. It heats up with no end on Linux and on Windows. Linux' sensors won't find a fan, SpeedControl does neither. This *should* be fixed by Acer...


    For an other device you had a FanController program. Why not for this one? Or at least provide the info to write the program by oneself?

  • LeonardKLeonardK Posts: 14Member

    I'm glad to give a positive status!

    Eduard Nicodei was able to reverse-engineer the application acer provided us for the 5750G and coded a perl script for Linux and a C++ program for Windows. The good thing: It works for me on our V3-571G too!



    WARNING: this is untested software that, as far as the author is concerned, writes magic values to unknown ports on your laptop. This can easily cause BRICKING of your device. Use at your own risk and be sure to read the source code before running! I have only tested this software on my Acer 5750G laptop. Even so, I can not guarantee it will work on your (same model) laptop as well. You have been warned!


    Here are two binaries, you just need to execute fan_on.exe to turn on the fan on max, fan_off.exe to turn it off again.

    AGAIN: Neither I, nor Eduard is responsible for any damage to your hardware!


    Download (FanControl.zip)


    Alternatively someone modified the original (proprietary) Acer application and removed the serial check.

    Just execute the install.exe in the Install subfolder and then use the FanControl.exe to chose ON/OFF.


    Downloadlink here

  • Phil-3Phil-3 Posts: 1,182Member Skilled Practitioner

    Hello everyone,

    While our members are generally eager to provide useful information, be advised that Acer does not validate third party external links for downloads and is not responsible for them.

    We also cannot attest to the safety of third party websites.

    Acquiring files through such links is at the user’s own risk.


    Thank you.


  • Adrian_ROAdrian_RO Posts: 10Member

    Hi. Links are no longer working. 


    Want to test it on my VX15


    Thank you.

  • LeonardKLeonardK Posts: 14Member

    I'm sorry but I do not have any Windows PC (assuming you use Windows) and neither do I own Acer hardware anymore, so I cannot recreate the binaries on Windows and test them but I've uploaded some binaries I've crosscompiled from Linux here: https://github.com/LeonardKoenig/acer_5750G_fan_maximiser/releases/tag/v0.1


    Also I've built a GUI-Version some time ago, it's not at all really nice but as I've published it here (https://github.com/LeonardKoenig/FanSetQt/releases) I guess it worked -- but you need MSVC++ 2012 redistrutables (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30679).


    I hope this helps, but be aware that the software is writing undocumented values to undocumented registers assuming not documented embedded chips... -- this can do everything, making your fan go up but also wreck your PC ...

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