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How to reactivate Win 7 after replacing mainboard.

I succeeded replacing the mainboard in an Acer Aspire v3 and everything is (almost) fine.

Only problem is that Windows 7 now claims that I am using an illegal copy of Windows.

I know that the reason is that the OEM version of Windows is activated with the original mainboard.

I have spoken to both Microsoft support and Acer support several times but neither can or will reactivate my Windows. Is it really so that I have to pay for a new Product Key as consequence of a hardware repair?

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  • Hello,


    What model of laptop do you have?

    Do you known the Acer part number of your new motherboard?

  • lisbentlisbent Posts: 12Member

    The computer is an Acer Aspire V3-571-53218G75Mass

    The original mainboard is Q5WVH LA-7912P Rev: 1.0 and the new board is identical.

  • Hello,


    Many members confuse the PCB part number and the motherboard part number.

    For example:

    NB.Y1111.001 - MAIN BD.NV56R.HM77.UMA.USB3.0 (the only motherboard for Aspire V3-571)

    NB.RZP11.001 - MAIN BD.HM77.N13PGS.2G.USB3.0 (one of motherboards for Aspire V3-571G)


    Both motherboards have the same PCB. Unfortunatly, your license key works only with the first motherboard.


    Check the part number that you'll find near the memory slots:



  • lisbentlisbent Posts: 12Member

    I see what you mean. Unfortunately those labels are mysteriously missing on the”new” board bought on AliExpress. (You get what pay for – at the best)

  • Hello,


    Could you indicate me the first ten characters of serial numbers (S/N):

    - In the bios setup utility

    - On the label sticked on the lower cover

  • lisbentlisbent Posts: 12Member

    Pls. See pictures of BIOS and labels below.

    I have also tried to register my Windows with the original Product Key. Surprisingly it seemed to be accepted. It remains to be seen for how long.




  • Hello,


    No chance!

    Just the first ten characters of each S/Ns.

  • lisbentlisbent Posts: 12Member

    Label:            S/N:    NXM13ED005

    BIOS readout:  S/N:    NXM09EK007


  • Hello,


    Label---> P/N: NX.M13ED.005 - Aspire V3-571-53218G75Mass  (Scandinavia market)

    Bios--->   P/N: NX.M09EK.007 - Aspire E1-571-53218G75Mnks (UK market)


    That's why you can not activate your Windows license.

  • lisbentlisbent Posts: 12Member

    That may seem logical some.  To a simple minded person like me it is absolutely incomprehensible that replacing a hardware component can make the use of legal software illegal. That really is a scam.

    That said the next question is if I can fix the problem by buying a new Product Key?

  • laurent_14laurent_14 Posts: 8,342ACE Trailblazer
    Accepted Answer



    That said the next question is if I can fix the problem by buying a new Product Key?

    Yes, look at this Microsoft answer.

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