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Acer V5-552P Wireless problems- Refuses to work after bios, driver, updates, etc.






I seriously need some help with the Acer V5-552P I bought for $260.00

Even though I bought it for cheap, it's just about worthless to me as the wireless will cut out or just not work.

Whenever I try to connect the laptop to my home router, it gives me a error saying that it cannot connect to my network

(Even thought I have two laptops, a ps4 and a Nexus 5 connected to my wi-fi.)

If I go at least 20 feet away from the router it attempts to work... and then fails.


What gives? I have never had this problem with any other laptop in my life.



I have already




-Updated my atheros wireless driver to the most current level.

-Switched off bluetooth

-updated the bios

-Replaced seperate wireless drivers



I havent



-tried windows XP or 7 drivers.

-Had it work correctly.




  • JackEJackE Posts: 4,226ACE Pathfinder

    Do you know if your router has been set to only connect wirelessly to specific MAC addresses?


    Jack E/NJ

  • JackEJackE Posts: 4,226ACE Pathfinder
  • GuyGuy Posts: 3Member

    After buying our V5-552P, in 3 months Windows 8.0 stopped connecting and behaved so irratically that you could not use it if you had to work online!

    It turned out the antenna itself which i'm assuming is glued to the back of the display panel was competly replaced.

    The antenna was replaced only after we brought it back from the 1st repair to which Acer Depot did not at all repair properly.

    On the first repair, they replaced both mainboard and maybe the wifi mini pci network card.

    When we brought back home after the repair, in 5 minutes into testing it ated just as stupid as before the repair.

    after giving Acer **bleep**, they said to bring it back a 2nd time.

    When i went down to the depot, I asked them why they didnt fix it right the 1st time?

    And why it took me 5 minutes ( actually 3 minutes) to find out the repairs was useless.

    Level1 Acer support somewhere in India told me to try this and try that they too had no idea what to do except update the driver, or to windows 8.1.

    After the 2nd repair, now that the connection is behaving properly, we asked them why would the antenna fail?

    They said, everytime the lid is opened and closed, it stresses the antenna or the cable leading to it.

    so we asked them if this problem will reoccur sometime in the near future from opening/closing the lid, the tech would not answer.

    So you user's of Slimline or UltraSlim ( V5-XXX) beware!!

    make sure you have extended warranty.

    if your having connectiviy issues but none of your other devices, iPhone, wireless printers etc dont have issues, chances are it is the antenna that is broken in yours.

    We had 4 bars out of 5 and it would act stupid trying to or staying connected.

  • JackEJackE Posts: 4,226ACE Pathfinder

    Glad you got it finally fixed! The conductors inside the ribbon cable that runs thru the congested hinge area are not only vulnerable to antenna failure but also to vidicam and display failures from opening and closing the lid too often. The infamous black screen problem is often due to a conductor break in the ribbon in the hinge area.  Ask me how I know this.


    Jack E/NJ 

  • GuyGuy Posts: 3Member


    looks lke the fater we can get rid of the laptop, the better

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