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Iconia W510 and Windows 8.1 RTM


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  • dammdamm Member Posts: 13

    Windows 8.1 is not released to the public but it is officially released for developer.

    We are developer!


    How can we test our app with W510 if Acer doesn't release the driver?


    Unfortunately after install the driver pack the divice is unusable.

    Unfortunately for me, W510 is the only touch device where I can test my app


  • jpearnjpearn Member Posts: 29

    Use the generic Intel drivers I posted previously over the top of the latest Acer package and all works fine. Connected standby works correctly and it is much more fluid to use !

  • padgettpadgett ACE Posts: 4,017 Pathfinder

    OK if you have an MSDN subscription, the 8.1 Enterprise x86 and x64 in English is now available along with keys.


    I have created a Windows to Go drive (can only be done from Enterprise) for testing with both W510 and W3, for the W510 I used the 1.03c driver set and everything including HDMI seems to be working. Have not tested the stereo & do not expect BluRay to work (think it is an Intel hardware issue).


    So far have only experienced the known BitLocker issue (must have a USB keyboard to enter the passphrase). This is something Acer needs to address in the BIOS code since you can use an on screaen touch keyboard to enter the BIOS password & Bitlocker (& other good FDE products) runs before the OS loads. Should just need to create Bitlocker usable elements from the EFI shell. Might as simple as replicating Ints 9, 10, and 16h into EFI protocols or may just need Bitlocker to automagically trigger the OSK if no USB keyboard is found. No Big if you have the APIs, Impossible without..


    ps just found http://cameronmergel.wordpress.com/2013/07/16/new-dell-latitude-10-on-screen-keyboard-for-bitlocker-pin/ so Dell has a fix from Intel. Howabout it Acer ?

  • ftharbaughftharbaugh Member Posts: 4

    Acer needs to update drivers for their products, sadly from the beginning of this product, support has been lacking, especially for drivers, I am using drivers from Thinkpad Tablet 2 and HP Envy x2 for correct operation on just Windows 8, afraid to upgrade to 8.1 because of these issues

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