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Acer Aspire V3-571G Bios Settings

artjom1995artjom1995 Posts: 1Member



My laptop is very hot I just bought it like 2 days ago. It most of the times up to 60 c and the only thing I have open is Google Chrome or just only Skype, I think it's way too hot for just one program.


I want to change the fan speed I tried from the Bios settings and could't find it but then I saw there was a new update, I updated it and I still can't seem to change the fan speed.


I tried FanSpeed, NVIDA Inspector and things like that, I can't change it there either. Even tho NVIDIA Inspector allows me to overlock but i'm afraid that will damage things, also since the laptop is new.


So.. How do I change the fan speed?


Thanks in advance if someone replies.


  • Vince53Vince53 Posts: 805Member
    Accepted Answer

    You bought it two days ago? I would take it back. Someone at the factory might have been having a bad day, and you don't know what other problems will turn up.

  • davidgreenedavidgreene Posts: 16Member

    If I were you, I would get it replaced. Two days old and getting hot? It might explode in a week. 



  • AlexLaslauAlexLaslau Posts: 1Member

    I have a problem installin windows 7 Proffesional ... I bought it today and it comes with Linux Linpus and thats why i want to install windows 7 ... but i have a problem i downloaded legaly windows 7 from my brother university and after i finished it downloading i mounted the windows image on a pendrive <<with enough memory>> but here is the problem ... when i open my laptop it apears only F2 (Setup) button ... i open the setup menu and when i go at Boot menu it appears my pendrive as  USB HDD : KingstonDT 100 G2 i move it the value of it on Boot priority order at top and then i pressed enter but nothing it refreshes the page witouth anything happening ... Please show me how to do it !!

  • AnachroNiaAnachroNia Posts: 40Member

    You need already installed windows to make bootable usb Smiley Happy 


    Check this -> http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/usb-installation-disk-windows-7-extra-software/ 


    It's not just copying the files to the flash drive - you have to make it bootable. 

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