Can't power on Acer E5 unless I remove and reinsert the battery.

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I recently purchased a replacement battery for my E5-471G-56Yk and now I can't power on my laptop unless I remove and reinsert the battery first. It will power on normally with the battery out and the A/C adapter plugged in.  The new battery functions properly once the laptop is powered on.
The problem started with my having to do a "power reset" each time I used the laptop.  After uninstalling and reinstalling the battery and adapter drivers (Windows 10) the power reset is not necessary.
Has anyone had this problem or know how to solve it?


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    Did it do this with the old battery, too?

    Is the new battery an OEM Acer battery, or an inexpensive knock-off?

    Try checking the metal contacts in the battery compartment. Do they all look normal/straight? Do the same for both batteries as well. 
    How old is the original battery? Did the malfunction prompt you to buy the new one, or did the problem just start after inserting the new battery?

    From the Start Menu, open All Programs, open Accessories, right click the Command Prompt and select 'Run as Administrator'.  In to the prompt type the following command and hit enter.
    sfc /scannow  ( note that there is a space between sfc and the / )

    Let the process complete, then type exit and hit enter.  Shutdown the notebook, unplug the AC Adapter unplugged, remove the battery, and then hold down the Power button for a full minute.

    Now, plug in the AC Adapter without the battery inserted, start the notebook, open windows Control Panel, open Device Manager, expand the entry for Batteries, right click on and the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery and select Uninstall - do not uninstall anything else here here.  When the uninstall is complete, shut the PC down, unplug the AC Adapter, re-insert the battery and then start the PC on just the battery.  Windows will automatically reinstall the driver - leave Windows running for a few minutes. Shutdown the PC again.  Now plug in the AC Adapter ( with the battery still inserted ) and start the notebook to see if this has helped the issue at all.

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    UPDATE: I did replace the old battery due to it's failure.  It would not charge. I learned from the Acer website that a replacement battery must be "conditioned".  Fully charged and then fully drained at least 3 times.  I have started the conditioning process and it has improved the battery performance.  Right now I only have to remove the battery if I turn off the laptop over night. Before conditioning, I had to do a "power reset" after the laptop was turned off for more than 15 minutes.
    I followed the instructions above. Now I have to wait over night to see if those steps solved the problem.  More to come.