Acer E5-574-597Q corrupted BIOS

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editado julho 27 em Arquivo de 2018
Hi all
I was updating drivers in my Acer E5-574-597Q and i unfortunately tried to update the BIOS. Once i clicked on the exe file for the BIOS it started installing and then the laptop restarted. 
After restart i saw the acer logo for a fraction of a second then i got a black screen with the message "No Bootable Device " showing in the middle of the screen. 
Every time i start the laptop i get the same black screen. 
Is this fixable and how?

Please note i tried to open up the back cover of the laptop but it was not easy as all sockets (usb, vga, etc...) seem to be in the way while opening the cover. 

Any help is appreciated 

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