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My laptop model is ES14  - ES1-433G-53LX . I want to know whether this model is allowed for RAM Upgrade.  Currently , RAM is 4GB. If yes, please advise what model of RAM is suitable for this laptop model.

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    The maximum internal memory supported is 12 GB. This model has On board 4G DDR4 SDRAM support and One SO-DIMM slot that supports up to 8G DDR4 (SO-DIMM DDRIV 2400 ) module
    You can open the memory bay located at the back of the laptop and check the specification of the factory shipped module. Before proceeding turn OFF the laptop and disconnect the charger. Open the DIMM door screw and use a plastic pry slice to insert to the gap between DIMM door and bottom case, pry all edges of the DIMM Door to release all latches and remove it from bottom case.

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