Acer One 14 unexpected problem

RainerCur Member Posts: 2 Newbie
editado julho 27 em Arquivo de 2018
I was going format an acer one 14 which is a windows 8.1. I was able to format the primary partition but i unable to install the win7 because there is a message that the partition cant be installed like that. So i shut down the laptop and trying to reset if i can recover the formatted partition. But it gone worse. It starts to boot loop and the worse until now. The laptop power button lights up for 30 secs. Then it lights off after 30 secs the lights turned on. With the worst scenario the screen wont turn on and the fan. 

I have ask questions so many times in the web. So i try to ask here for support.

Advance thank you for reading my question. 

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