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Hello community.  I'm having a terribly frustrating experience with this E5-573T laptop, and I could use help.

It was purchased just over a year ago.  Right after the warranty expired, the hard drive crashed.  I had an old WD 750GB 2.5"HDD from an old Dell laptop laying around, so I swapped it into the Acer laptop.

The WD hard drive was set for MBR.  I manually set it to GPT so I could reinstall windows 10 on this laptop, and start over.  I created a windows 10 boot USB stick from a 32GB sandisk USB.  I created it using the Microsoft boot tool from the Microsoft website.

I stuck the USB into the Acer, disabled secureboot (I saw that recommendation), and went to reinstall windows.  It seems to work at first, but after initial installation it reboots the computer, to finish the installation.  This is where it sticks.  It sits on the Acer logo, with the swirly microsoft thinking icon permanently.  I've tried this multiple times, and at its longest it sits there for 3 days without progress.

At this point, I would like to get recovery media from Acer, and just reset it to default.  However, I can't find anywhere to contact Acer (they wont talk to me because I'm not in warranty anymore?) and when I go to the recovery media page, it wants to charge me $45 for a recovery disk containing software that I already paid for when I bought the laptop...  Not cool.

At this point, I am open to suggestions.  Especially suggestions that help me get a hold of Acer so that I can get a copy of the software I already purchased.

thanks to everyone in advance.

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  • philetus
    philetus ACE Posts: 4,759 Pathfinder
    Try making your usb with  rufus, and see if that makes a difference.  

  • Kalamos
    Kalamos Member Posts: 4 New User
    editado janeiro 2018
    I will try to do this with Rufus, and report back.  In the meantime, the latest attempt with the method in my OP brought a new error message: "Windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation.  To install Windows, restart the installation."

    I'm not sure if this makes any difference...

    By the way:  No info on whether Acer charges customers for software that they purchased with the computer?  I can't help but think this would be a lot easier with the recovery disk from Acer...
  • Kalamos
    Kalamos Member Posts: 4 New User
    No joy on Rufus.  It's actually the exact same problem.  It starts the installation, but when it reboots the system to finish, I get a constant acer screen with swirling circle that never leaves, or advances.

    I have confirmed through the BIOS that the laptop is recognizing the CPU, RAM, and HDD, so it doesn't look like a hardware issue there.  USB ports are obviously working, cause I'm using a USB bootable stick.

    On another note:  I have tried for most of the day to contact Acer.  They refuse to give me access to the recovery media so I can install the default programs that I bought with the laptop.  I'm pretty sure that I purchased the default software when I purchased the laptop.  I don't really understand how they have a legal right to try and charge me for it again...  Has anyone else experienced this?  If so, are people actually ok with this?  They've actually confirmed for me that I purchased Windows 10 Home edition when I purchased the laptop, but still refuse to give me access to the recovery media, which I actually purchased as a package along with the laptop, and that would probably solve my entire issue.  I've sent a complaint to Consumer Protection to see if this is even legal.

    Would love any other ideas in the meantime related to installing Windows 10 without using the Recovery media.
  • philetus
    philetus ACE Posts: 4,759 Pathfinder
    You shouldn't really have any problem installing Windows 10 is your HDD and copy of Windows are good. You might go here and it will download and create a Win 10 install usb.
  • Kalamos
    Kalamos Member Posts: 4 New User
    I certainly understand that I should not have any issues, yet the internet, and the rest of these forums are also full of others who have had issues installing Windows 10.  The HDD is not new, but was never used until now.  It was swapped out of a Dell laptop, for an SSD when that laptop was new.  

    The link you've provided is where I started before posting here.  There is no joy from that link either.

    I really appreciate anyone elses help.  I believe there's a solution here...

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