Acer E1-571 Blue light flashes 5 times

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My daughter mentioned that her laptop was no longer working. It was working on battery and would not charge, eventually the battery drained and turned off. When you attempt to power it on the lblue light within the power button flashes 5 times.


Tested the power supply and there was no output. Tried another 19V power supply with slightly more ampage, no luck.


Tried with battery dettached... No Joy


Found a few forum replies suggesting disconnecting the battery and charger, hold the power button down for 40 seconds and then reconnect the battery and power supply... No joy.


I bought a replacement DC power socket cable harness (dc30100jn00 64Watt), fitted that.... No joy.


I don't know anyone else with a battery the same size battery otherwise I would try that.


Does anyone else have any suggestions?




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    Try it one more time, but don't put the battery back in until it , maybe, boots up.

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              Please do perform a hard reset first, with the laptop. Remove the battery and the charger, then press and hold the power button for 20 secs. Put the battery and charger back in then, turn the laptop back on. If it still wont power on try to turn the laptop on without the battery. Lastly please re-seat the RAM sticks, make sure that the laptop is off before performing this steps. Remove the battery, charger and RAM off the laptop for couple of seconds then put it back together then power it on. Worst case scenario is if it still wont power on a repair might be needed so you need to contact the manufacturer if it's still under the factory warranty.

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    Neither suggestion worked. (I removed the 2 RAM modules when replacing the power jack to motherboard component. Laptop is just over 2 years old so out of warranty.


    Any further suggestions welcomed.

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    Was a solution ever found? Same thing happened to mine just outside of warranty. Seems like a common fault with this model. Perhaps ACER needs to review and recall any faulty parts.
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    Nope, no solution found :-(

    Had to just take it to recycling!

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    worked for me, fortunately